Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review : China Glaze Shocking Pink

Really lame picture, it's really hard to catch neon polishes ! :'(

Hello Lovely blog Reader!

This is my review on China Glaze Shocking Pink nail polish, and I'm really dad about the picture, but it's the closest thing I got to the true color.. This nail polish is straight up Pink High Light Marker juice, no kindding at all!
What you see on the photo is actually two coat over the China Glaze Strong adhesion Base coat. And people, let me tell you : when I painted the first coat I was afraid, it wasn't going on smooth and neat looking. It was streaky. But Then, I painted the second coat and everything was really fine :) 

I'll actually update this post as soon as I know how long it last on me with the base. It's my first time on both of those, and I was looking crazy for a good base coat because nail polish peel and chip like nothing else on me, I never can leave it on for most than 3 days!
Pros :
-Low Price
-Good quality
-Good consistency
-There's is hardener in the polish itself 

Cons :
-May be hard to find out of the US ( I swapped for mine, there's no place near me that sell China Glaze )

Packaging : 4/5 It's sleek looking, and you get a good amount of product ( same as OPI, 0.5 Fl Oz ) but not a fan of the brush ._.

Quality : 5/5 The product itself is really good!

Price : 5/5 Let's face it, it's cheap compare to OPI. Yes , the brush is not that good, but you can still use it and get a great looking manicure!

Total : 14/15 . I want to buy those polishes is so many colors now!

Thanks a lot for reading! 

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