Sunday, March 7, 2010

Contest? I think so!

Come on Make up Geek, it's time to win!
Hola Gorgeous!

Do you like free make up ? Well, do you like getting easy free make up ? I do!

Mrs Suzie Homemaker is having a contest, and there's amazing prizes! Not only the 36 Beauty From The Earth sampler jar, but also 10 pieces of NIP Jewelery and a nifty cook book!

To win, as I mentioned earlier, it's fairly easy.

-You can write one coment saying '' enter me '';
-One coment per day linking a tweet you did to advertise the contest 
-And you can do a blog post (which is what I'm actually doing) about the contest (and how awesome it is) and write a comment with the link to the post in the comment section of her post about her contest :)

Easy huh? You also have to include with your comment which prize you want to get if you win :)

Hope you guys find it as awesome as I do!


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