Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lush Haul !

Hello Lovely!

Yesterday, I went to lush because of a main reason. There was a party! I rsvp a week before the event for me and my boyfriend, so we went together :)

Everything was cute, they were serving tea and little tea cookies. Also, every single employee was wearing bunny ears on their heads :)

Our gift were wrapped in black paper, one mine was a pink ribbon with my name, and on my boyfriend's one was a green ribbon with his name. They also choose the product to put in the gift for him! That's cute, they put a lot of attention in their event :)

I'll start by showing you the product we bought first, it's not a lot, I know, I'm mainly waiting for the easter stuff to come actually :

Yes, I know, only 3 things..
On the left, you can see a Ma Bar Bubble Bar;
In the middle there's a Stawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar;
And on the right it's the new Dorothy Bubble Bar, it's smells really good!

Then, the gift. I'll start with mine :

Yes yes, it's CHRISTMAS STUFF! :O How awesome is that!
They've included :
A small Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower cream;
a shimmy shimmy glittery massage bar;
a satsumo santa bath bomb;
and a Fairy Tale sugar scrub! 
That's a great gift, I was expecting one or two items.. Not four with discontinued items! 

Then, in my boyfriend gift :
Oh yes, more christmas goodies!
a lil' lush pud bath bomb;
a second shimmy shimmy glittery massage bar;
a small Happy Hippie shower gel;
and a piece of father frost soap !

Seriously, I'm amazed. 

There's another party next sunday, I'll be going for sure! (and I'll take a look on the easter stuff, I'm really exited for those! )

Thanks for reading! 


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