Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint-Patrick Day! :)

Hello !

So today is all about green, isn't it? I came up with this look yesterday to celebrate it!:)

I used :
-SE-02 Pigment from the Shock Effect Stack from Naked Cosmetics (inner corner)
-Bio Green from MAC Pro (middle of the lid to the outer corner)
-418 Pearl from Inglot (outer corner and crease)
-Black single shadow from NYX (outer ''V'')
-477 Double Sparkle from Inglot (lower lashline)
-Going Bananas from MAC (inner corner highlight)
-351 Matte from Inglot (brow bone highlight)
-BlackTrack Fluidline from MAC (top and bottom liner)
-Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara from L'Oréal

I think it came out pretty! I love to keep my lids bright but going dark in the crease.. It adds caracter, definition and attention to have that bright pop there.

Today, I did my make up à la Cora (aka VintageOrTacky on Youtube). She did a tutorial on a dramatic smokey eye starting with the dark color on the lid and fading it out with a lighter one. I thought it look pretty so I ''stole'' her look! Ahah! You can see her fabulous skills here : CLICK!

That's all for today gorgeous readers!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bold Look : Cartoonish :D

Hello Everyone! :)

Today, I have another bold look to share.. It's not as bold as some others, but it's blod enough for me to not wear it outside!

 Yay! So, Every color in the rainbow that I'm crying in Inglot, the eyes and the eyebrows are from the Naked Palette, the lips are a NYX lip pencil topped with a NYC lipstick with some MAC 3D gliltters added and the blush is a Lorac cheek stamp... And all the outlines are made out of MAC Black Track Fluidline :D

If you want anymore details, let me know, I'll write them down for you :)

Thanks for reading, 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Haul : Nail Polishes from Pretty Indulgent.Com!

Oh. My. God.

I always felt left out of the nail polish bandwagon. Why? Because of that imaginary line between what is called the United States of America and Canada. That line ladies and gentlemens is magic. It makes shipping cost double, triple and sometimes even more.

There's another imaginary line that exist inside the Canada itself too. The line that's all around the Province of Quebec. We, Quebecers, speak french for the most part and have laws to protect our beloved language, but those laws keep stores like Sally's Beauty Supply out of our reach and make it that much more complicated to get stuff.

How ever!

I was reading Scrangie's Blog and she had recently a post about some discount code, one being good for to give you 15% off using the code "scrangie"(good until march 15th). I went over, without any hopes that the shipping would be under 20$... and then when I went to the faqs section I read that if you live in West Island of Montreal, Quebec, or near, you can meet up with the wonderful Maggie herself to save on shipping. I almost fell off my chair!! 15% off and no shipping? HELL YA!

That's when I wrote back and forth with her and we had a little meet up ( where I was totally shy let me tell you.. I felt awefull of just standing there and saying thank you.. I had so many questions to ask! ) and I got 11 bottles of nail polishes that I bought myself by the way. I was in heeaaaaaven! :) Being in a country ( and a town ) where most brands and company over charges or even doesn't ship at all, I was trilled to get those bottles of goodness. Of course, they're a little more expensive than on the US website, but I truely felt that, even without a discount, I would be paying a good price. Anyway, here are my new babies!

Tease-y Does It from OPI Burlesque Collection
Purple/brown base with gold, red and pink shimmers dancing inside ( Picture : 2 coats )
Sparkle-Icious from OPI Burlesque Collection
Gold, purple and blue glitters in clear base ( Picture : 3 sloppy coats ... You should be able to get it opaque on 3 though! )
Ick-A-Bod-Y from China Glaze Awakening Collection
Dark green jelly base filled with coppery orange glitters. ( Picture : 3 coats! )
Hey Sailor from China Glaze Anchors Away Collection
The color isn't properly showing, but it's a bright bright pin-upy red ( Picture : 1 coat only! )
Halley's Comet from Orly Cosmic FX Collection
Awesome teal reflecting limish in the light. ( Picture : 3 coats ! )
Star Sparkle from Nubar Sparkles Collection
Holographic silver glitters in a clear base ( Picture : 3 sloppy coats.. Could be better! )
Greener from Nubar Going Green Collection
Dark forest green with tiny shimmers ( Picture : 2 coats! )
Reclaim from Nubar Going Green Collection
Light/Medium holographic green ( Picture : 2 coats! )
Absolute from Nubar Prism Collection
Light blue base filled with holographic tiny glitter particules ( Picture : 3 coats! )
Tiffany from Zoya Flame Collection
Coppery peachy pinky goldy foily thing. ( Picture : 2 coats! )
Danii from Zoya Intimate Collection
Medium purple with a pinky champagne reflect ( Picture : 2 coats! P.s. : my picture is too blue toned )

Over all experience!? Flippin' amazing! Would I order again? For sure! Shipping in Canada ranges from 7,80$ in the Province of Quebec, to 16$ in Nunavut. If you order for more than 125$ you can also get 5$ shipping! ( here's all the rates : :D )

Pretty Indulgent doesn't only carry collections from Color Club, China Glaze, Nubar, OPI, Orly and Zoya, but they also carry Arcana, which is a soap, bath, body care, perfume brand, Villainess, which is the same type of company as Arcana, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will be there soon too! They also have some others little jewelery and embelishment.

With my order I got a sample of a soap named Krakatoa from Villainess and I'm pleasantly surprise..! When I openned my boxed, all I could smell was that.. and it's pretty good! I like the scent a lot and it's always nice to have a little extra gem in our orders, right? :)

Anyway, comming back onto the polishes.. I'm in love. I feel like an entire world just opened for me where I can now get cool nailpolishes for a decent price.. Just to tell you, I really love Nubar Reclaim, Nubar Absolute, Orly Halley's Comet  and Zoya Tiffany at first glance, although I'm super excited for them all :) There's not one that I don't like! :)

Long life to Pretty Indulgent and thanks for reading,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 2011 Faves!

Hello again!

Here for you today is my first favorite post since november of last year! Ahah! :) Things have change a little bit I think!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I actually received it this month from a swap I did with a Youtuber that you might know as Saaammage. Let me tell you something... If for some awkward reason other that it's always sold out you haven't bought it... What are you waiting for?? It is seriously one of the best palette you can own, to start with or even if you already have a crapload of shadows. Since I got it I used it a whole lot AND I discovered for the first time a color that work on my brows ( fifth shadow : Buck ). It would be awesome to take on vacation, since it comes with a baby Primer Potion and that awesome double sided Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencil.

Inglot Eyeshadows
Other than my Naked Palette, I've been using those a whooooole lot. They are fantastic to tell the truth! I especially love 450 ( red in the top palette ), 60 ( yellow in the top palette ), 351 ( highlight color in the lower palette ), 11 ( second on the top row in the lower palette ) and 64 ( black in the lower palette ). They are creamy, blendable and worth the price for me! Plus : I love the palette system :)

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
Recently I discovered a love for white eyeliner on my water line. For some reason, I think it really look good and polish, even though some people find it harsh. I really like it with neutral eyes! I think it just look great :) MAC eye kohl stays up good on the water line if you set it with a white shadow but I discovered that the NYX pencil holds really well even without setting! I guess that will make the eye kohl a non-rebuy, but for now, I really enjoy it :) And the NYX pencil is a staple to me in my collection, how ever I use it !

L'Oréal Voluminous Milion Lashes
I don't have much to say other than I looove how this mascara makes my lashes look! It volumises, lenghtens and keep my lashes curled! And I really like the rubber brush it has!

LA Splash Splash Proof Sealer Eyeshadow Sealer/Base
I really don't and woundn't use this as a base since it's really liquidy and dry sticky, but this thing is marvelous with glitters! It makes them stick and stays on your eyelid as long as you want your glitter there! Plus , I got it for less than 6 $ if I recall correctly. If you see this in a store and you like glitter, you should really give it a go :)

Joe Clear Mascara and Brow Gel
It's cheap and does the job, aka keeping my brows from looking bushy! What can I say more than that!?

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Since I finished my Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette, I started using this badboy. I think I actually like it more than I loved that Buxom liner! They are almost the same, but the MAC one seems to stay longer on my eyes :) And the fact that you can back to MAC it is a plus for me since I go through gel liner kind of quickly!

MAC Painterly Painpot
The first paintpot I got was Soft Ochre and I quite enjoyed it. When I finished it, I though it would be the time to try another one and I decided to Painterly. I think it works better than Soft Ochre or me since I'm a pink undertoned girl and, if you didn't know, Soft Ochre it yellow based. I think that me and Painterly will have a beautiful story in the future! Us and Primer potion by Urban Decay will see all of my eyelooks :)

Lipsyl Lypmoisturizer Original Formula
I've been using it so much these last months that I have barely a little stub left! I really like how silky the balm feels, and how it's a little minty too! I also think that it smells divine :) Yes, the label on it goes away a little, but the overall packaging is cute with the little bee lever on the side and on the cap ! I really love this product, and I need a new one!

L'Oréal Infallible Lipcolor in 399 Beyoncé's Red
One pet peeve of mine would be lipstick smearing all over my face. I hate wearing bold lipstick and always look in a mirror to be sure it's still on my lips and not on my chin! This though, makes me rock the red without worries! That product stays on your lips as long as you don't put something oily on it (like.. Don't eat fried chicken with that on..!) If you do put an oily thing near for whatever reason, it'll flake and be a pain in the butt to remove (that's why I always carry a makeup wipe in a ziploc when I wear this). The red product doesn't have a smell, but dries super sticky, which is why you have the white tube of product! It smells like sweet caramelly candy to me, and it makes the red stain super silky and smooth :)

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation
I know that a lot of people think that the packaging is idious and ugly, and so did I! But having it in my hands made my mind change. I think it's cute and different :) Anyway, the packaging isn't the point here, it's the gloss! I really like this color! It's a beige with pink, gold, silver and maybe green tiny glitter that looks super nice on the lips! Although it can be kind of sticky, I found myself reaching for it a few times, which is weird to me since I usually don't wear/like lipgloss!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle
You may remember that product from last spring since everyone went nuts for this color and 3 others limited edition glosses that Revlon came out with. Well, no worries, they came out this spring too! I actually had some other Revlon lipglosses before, and I quit adore their texture and the color range they have. They are not sticky, super smooth and ou can surely found a color for you, and with a little luck, they'll be on BOGO or something! The only thing that used to bug me was the scents... it's kind of chemical medecine to me.. I got used to it acytually, but I still wish that the scent would be different.. Anyway! I really love this color those past month because of the way it makes my lips look.. A little rosier and a little lighter! It's a really pretty color :)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
I have to admit that medium is a tad to dark for me all year round (the MAC MA matched me... Never trust some counters MA's.. ) and now that I can camouflage in the snow it's even worst, but I still like this powder to camouflage redness and some tiny imperfections! I use a big fluffy brush and put it on sheerly and I make it work! Next time though, I'll pick up light medium on even light or myself!

NYC Sunny Matte Bronzer
To blend the MAC MSF, I've been using this a little around my face and as a contour powder. It's cheap and works super great! I would really recommend this product to everyone, from beginers to pro.

Equate Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes
These are the makeup wipes I've been using for the entire month of february. I had Equate towelettes before, but when I picked those up I didn't properly read the label.. Can you see? They say "exfoliating"? Well yes! They aren't harsh at all, but they do have little dots all over one side of the wipe and I have to say that I like it very much! It doesn't burn my eyes and remove majority of my makeup! ( I follow with a normal cleanser too usually.. But if there's a night where I just want to sleep, I can go away with one and cleanse in the morning!)

Katy Perry for OPI Collection
I have an entire post on my thoughts and swatches of this collection here, but still, it has to end in my faves. As I said in my post, I got the bigger size of Teenage Dream because it's seriously awesome! Ugh, I can't get enough of it! And I also got the Black Shatter nail polish.. It's really cool! I wasn't aware that it existed before ( I was born in the 90's... I wasn't wearing makeup yet! ) I really like the effect it has on the nails. If I could find China Glaze where I live I would be all over their Crackle polishes!

L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polishes in Jewel Tone and Star Light
I've just been really enjoying glittery nails recently.. Like, a whole lot! When I saw those polishes at Stitches ( a clothing store in Canada ) for 2 for 5$ I had to pick them up. Yes, they are sheer and not so high quality, but I still really love them! Jewel Tone is a Blue and Purple glitter and Star light is a silver holographic glitter.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
I know, I know, Seche Vite is a really bad and dangerous product that will kill everyone who uses it..( Really? -.-'') But I really enjoy it. Since I do my nails usually before bed, I want them to dry super fast to go to sleep, but I used to wait and waking up to sheet marks in them. Seche Vite saved my nails from that and that why I love it that much. It is expensive and I can't get it in a store where I live, but it's really worth it. And anyway, we'll all have to die of something one day, right? xD

Travalo Refillable Atomizer
I got it really not to long ago, but I'm already in love! I'm the kind of person that usually forget to put fragrance on in the morning, and this is now always in my bag, just in case. It doesn't leak, it's Aricraft Approved and it's cute. I got mine at Shoppers Drugmart, where they also have a Red one, a Silver one and a Black one. If you are interested in this product it's really worth a look :)

Beyoncé's Heat Eau de Parfum
It's my second bottle of perfume ever in life! I got it when I got my travalo actually, and I love it.. When I first spray it, it's a little flowery but then it evolves to something really yummy and quite interesting on my skin. I am really not good to describe things like that, but take my words for it. It's awesome!

Lush Jungle Conditionner
I got a sample of this in a Lush store because I heard a lot of people talking about how great it is. Well, this is all I got left of my sample and I'll go buy a chunk! I adore how it makes my hair feel. It's way better than any conditionner I've ever used in my life! And I like the natural earthy scent it has too!  If you ever go to Lush, definatly ask of a sample to try it. It's so worth it :)

That's all for this post people! I hope you liked it :) I recently got problems with my camera and all the settings but I'm slowy figuring things out..!

Thanks a lot for reading,