Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bold Look : Cartoonish :D

Hello Everyone! :)

Today, I have another bold look to share.. It's not as bold as some others, but it's blod enough for me to not wear it outside!

 Yay! So, Every color in the rainbow that I'm crying in Inglot, the eyes and the eyebrows are from the Naked Palette, the lips are a NYX lip pencil topped with a NYC lipstick with some MAC 3D gliltters added and the blush is a Lorac cheek stamp... And all the outlines are made out of MAC Black Track Fluidline :D

If you want anymore details, let me know, I'll write them down for you :)

Thanks for reading, 


  1. Love it!! You are so creative. I would never be able to come up with this. Can't wait til you go to Complexions and see what you create.
    This is the weirdest question, but how do you get your eyeballs so white? lol...mine are always red from applying makeup near them.

  2. So beautiful!

    Haha - Alicia, I have the same problem - I have to use Visene redness right afterwards!

  3. gosh it's really nice!!! I love it!:)

  4. Awesome! It reminds me of Rainbow Brite!