Monday, March 7, 2011

Haul : Nail Polishes from Pretty Indulgent.Com!

Oh. My. God.

I always felt left out of the nail polish bandwagon. Why? Because of that imaginary line between what is called the United States of America and Canada. That line ladies and gentlemens is magic. It makes shipping cost double, triple and sometimes even more.

There's another imaginary line that exist inside the Canada itself too. The line that's all around the Province of Quebec. We, Quebecers, speak french for the most part and have laws to protect our beloved language, but those laws keep stores like Sally's Beauty Supply out of our reach and make it that much more complicated to get stuff.

How ever!

I was reading Scrangie's Blog and she had recently a post about some discount code, one being good for to give you 15% off using the code "scrangie"(good until march 15th). I went over, without any hopes that the shipping would be under 20$... and then when I went to the faqs section I read that if you live in West Island of Montreal, Quebec, or near, you can meet up with the wonderful Maggie herself to save on shipping. I almost fell off my chair!! 15% off and no shipping? HELL YA!

That's when I wrote back and forth with her and we had a little meet up ( where I was totally shy let me tell you.. I felt awefull of just standing there and saying thank you.. I had so many questions to ask! ) and I got 11 bottles of nail polishes that I bought myself by the way. I was in heeaaaaaven! :) Being in a country ( and a town ) where most brands and company over charges or even doesn't ship at all, I was trilled to get those bottles of goodness. Of course, they're a little more expensive than on the US website, but I truely felt that, even without a discount, I would be paying a good price. Anyway, here are my new babies!

Tease-y Does It from OPI Burlesque Collection
Purple/brown base with gold, red and pink shimmers dancing inside ( Picture : 2 coats )
Sparkle-Icious from OPI Burlesque Collection
Gold, purple and blue glitters in clear base ( Picture : 3 sloppy coats ... You should be able to get it opaque on 3 though! )
Ick-A-Bod-Y from China Glaze Awakening Collection
Dark green jelly base filled with coppery orange glitters. ( Picture : 3 coats! )
Hey Sailor from China Glaze Anchors Away Collection
The color isn't properly showing, but it's a bright bright pin-upy red ( Picture : 1 coat only! )
Halley's Comet from Orly Cosmic FX Collection
Awesome teal reflecting limish in the light. ( Picture : 3 coats ! )
Star Sparkle from Nubar Sparkles Collection
Holographic silver glitters in a clear base ( Picture : 3 sloppy coats.. Could be better! )
Greener from Nubar Going Green Collection
Dark forest green with tiny shimmers ( Picture : 2 coats! )
Reclaim from Nubar Going Green Collection
Light/Medium holographic green ( Picture : 2 coats! )
Absolute from Nubar Prism Collection
Light blue base filled with holographic tiny glitter particules ( Picture : 3 coats! )
Tiffany from Zoya Flame Collection
Coppery peachy pinky goldy foily thing. ( Picture : 2 coats! )
Danii from Zoya Intimate Collection
Medium purple with a pinky champagne reflect ( Picture : 2 coats! P.s. : my picture is too blue toned )

Over all experience!? Flippin' amazing! Would I order again? For sure! Shipping in Canada ranges from 7,80$ in the Province of Quebec, to 16$ in Nunavut. If you order for more than 125$ you can also get 5$ shipping! ( here's all the rates : :D )

Pretty Indulgent doesn't only carry collections from Color Club, China Glaze, Nubar, OPI, Orly and Zoya, but they also carry Arcana, which is a soap, bath, body care, perfume brand, Villainess, which is the same type of company as Arcana, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will be there soon too! They also have some others little jewelery and embelishment.

With my order I got a sample of a soap named Krakatoa from Villainess and I'm pleasantly surprise..! When I openned my boxed, all I could smell was that.. and it's pretty good! I like the scent a lot and it's always nice to have a little extra gem in our orders, right? :)

Anyway, comming back onto the polishes.. I'm in love. I feel like an entire world just opened for me where I can now get cool nailpolishes for a decent price.. Just to tell you, I really love Nubar Reclaim, Nubar Absolute, Orly Halley's Comet  and Zoya Tiffany at first glance, although I'm super excited for them all :) There's not one that I don't like! :)

Long life to Pretty Indulgent and thanks for reading,


  1. So much amazing glitter! Super jealous. Sparkle-licious is one of my all time favourite polishes (although its really hard to get off, at least for me). I also really love the look of that Zoya polish...I haven't tried anything from that line. Once again your photos kick my photos butt! :)

  2. You are too cute! I'm glad you enjoyed your lovelies. =)

  3. Have you ever tried Julep nail polishes?
    try them out for only a penny! their colours are so pretty! All you have to do is take the quiz!