Monday, May 24, 2010

Review : Revlon Scents of Summer Collection!

Hello Gorgeous people! 

Not to long ago, I decided to buy all the polishes from the revlon scents of summer collection because hey, they're scented! :)

I did swatches of all of them in the sunlight for you guys to see! :

Beach. It's a yellow green with little specks of golden shimmers. You can go with two coats of it, but a third one wound'nt be bad. The scent is like a fresh clean scent.

Ocean Breeze. It's a blue color with teal reflex and tiny silver shimmers. This one is pretty much opaque in two coats. It smells like an air freshener with a fruity touch.

Peach Smoothie. It's a pale peach color with little gold glitters. The picture show two coats, but it would be better with three actually. The scent is like a sugary fake peach.

Orange Pop. This might be my favorite. It's a red orangy color with tiny golden shimmers. It pretty much good to go in two coats and it smells divine! It's like a sugary sweet citrus scent.

Gum drop. If you're familiar with the youtube community, you might have heard Echoli talking about this one. It's a really pale lavender color and the finish is pretty much cream. It smells like grape flavoured hubba bubba ( which is a type of really childish bubble gum ) to me.

Grape Icy. It's a mid-toned purple with a pinky sheen to it. The picture actually washed it out a little. This one looks great with two coats and smells like an artificial sweet grape to my nose :)

Bubble Gum. It's a classic fuschia color. This one is opaque in one coat, but I always do two how ever the first one look. I know that you weren't prepared to know this but this one smells like bubble gum. :O

Cotton Candy. It's a really pale pink color with a gold sheen that would look better with a third coat. The smell of this one is a really generic sugar scent. I can't really say '' OH! It's cotton candy ! '' when I smell it but it's definately sweet.

That's all for today! I'm pretty happy with this post :)

Thanks for reading, you might want to leave a comment with constructive suggestions to make my blog better and more attractive to look at :)



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Haul : 05/23/2010 ( Collective )

Hi Ladies !

Today I have a collective haul for you. It's mainly drugstore item, with some exeptions :)

First of all, I have to say that I got some of these item while I was doing project 10 pan, only because I swapped for them. That is not cheating right? It's switching the make up you'll not use for something that you might!

Okai, I'll go over each product : 

1. Tokidoki pencil case from Sephora. It's actually the only item I got from Tokidoki. It's uber cute and have a lot of space in to put pencils and such. It could also be used as a make up bag.

2. Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette. I've been wanting this gel liner for so long! ( well , since Tiffany D talked about it :D). I havn't used it yet actually. I got it in a swap as a custom purchase.

3. Korres Lip butter in Jasmine. I got it in the same swap than the buxom liner. It's still new. I opened it and GOD! It's delicious! I can't wait to use it! ( I still have to many lip product to go through so I'll wait :) )

4. Barry M kit. I swaped for this also. It came with a '' crease '' brush, 2 dazzle dust and a fine glitter dust. The two pinky shade are the dazzle dust and the violet one is the fine glitter dust. Their names are, from left to right, Candy Floss, Berry Pink and Violet Star
5. MAC Kid eyeshadow. I swaped for this one too. I got in in the pan form. It's a really good blending color actually, or great for natural looks.

6. Make Up For Ever no. 92 shadow. I bought that one, it's actually my first make up for ever item and I'm impressed! The color payoff is amazing. It can be hard to blend and the color might stain a little, but it's a really good eye shadow.

7. Lypsyl Lypmoisturiser Original Formula. I haven't used it yet but I heard a lot of good reviews on it. It smells like honey with a touch of mint to me :)

8. Dove Go Fresh body mist in Revive pomegranate and lemon verbena scent. Oh my god. This thing smells so good! I've been wearing it for the past week and I really enjoy how summery it smells.

9. NYC Blushable Crème Stick in Big Apple Red (645U). I haven't used it yet either, but with what I heard from Michelle1218 on youtube, I'm sure it'll be great!

10. Stila Lip Pot in Cerise. I swapped for this quite some time ago. It's a red tinted lip balm that really doesn't have a smell. I'm not impress or disapointed with it. It's just okai.

11. MAC Hello Kitty Tinted lip conditionner in Popster. OMG! I was so exited for that! I oubviously swapped for it since it's discontinued. It feels great and give the right amount of pinkiness to your lips. Plus, it smells really great!

12. NYC Matte Sunny Bronzer. I heard a lot about it and it's actually my first bronzer. Can't say much about it since it's brand new, but I'm quite exited to test it!

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 10 Pan : I did it !

Hey girls :)

I did it! I went through projet 10 pan! WOOHOO!!   :) It was quite hard and boring being not able to buy make up and such, but it's good to know that I have less things now, that I used up things . 

 Don't mind the party light candle burning, I'm waiting for my candles by victoria ones :)
So , there's a lot of lip products as you can see, those are easy to finish due to the amount of time you have to reapply them per day.

1. Smile Dazzleglass by MAC
2. Instant Gold Lusterglass by MAC
3. Lash Blast by Cover Girl
4. Telescopic Explosion by L'Oréal
5. Lash Blast Length by Cover Girl
6. Skittles Lemon by Lip Smacker
7. Skittles Lime by Lip Smacker
8. Skittles Strawberry by Lip Smacker
9. Parfait Amour shadow by MAC
10. Yes Yes Yes Tantalizing Lip Butter by The Body Shop

Can you tell I try to use up all my Lip Smacker li balm? I have way to many of them! I also finish three mascara that I was using at the same time ( not one over the other with the other one on top , I mean the same period of time :D ). I feel great! 

I would really encourage you guys to try it. It really helps to keep your make up fresh and neat when you use up thing that can go bad fast :)

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review : Geo Circle Lens

Hey Ladies :D

I got circle lens this past winter and I've been really enjoying them. I have currently two pairs : Angel Blue and Nudy Violet. 

I personally ordered from Toronto Circle Lens, which is an online distributor of Geo Lens. This company is runned by two boys , who are Joey and Derick, and they offer an amazing customer service! They will answer all of your question fast and brillantly if you contact them through their e-mail ( which is ). 

They offer you to buy each pair of circle lens for 25 $ and they have free shipping in United States and Canada, which is absolutely great. That is mainly why I ordered from them and not from anyone. They offer the best price and free shipping.

Now, onto the lens themselves :) First I'll show you my eyes without lenses :

I took all the pictures in the dark, to make my pupil bigger. 

Okai, so those are my eyes all naked. I have brownish/hazel eyes, pretty boring, huh? 

So , here are my lenses :
On the picture, you can see the little bottle they came in ( I wrote the date that I opened them on the bottle's lid, because the lens can last up to a year ). I would recommend you to be really carefull when you open them, there's a metal part that can be really mean to your fingers! The lens also come with the contact case, which are really handy.

So, here for the Angel Blue :
If you can compare, they definatly enlarge my iris , and make my eyes look like doll eyes. They look kind of greyish, but in real life they are blue, I swear :)

Then, onto the Nudy Violet :
As you can see, they enlarge my iris too, but the black rim around the outside part of the lens is softer looking then the Angel's one, they look more natural (even though they are purple xD )

If you are looking for circle lenses, I would suggest to buy a pair first, to try them out. At first , they can be really uncomfortable, but like new shoes, you get used to it. Also, it's important to read the little instruction paper that come with your order. It tells you lots about how to take care of your lenses and everything. 

I hope this review was helpfull to someone :)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update and FOTD : Sephora Sunny Style

Hi Beauties :D

First of all, I have to do a little update. I have 21 days and a half left of school, and they are really stressfull. My highschool years are coming to an end really soon ( and prom is coming too ! ), and I have a lot of final exam and papers due. I also do the Relay For Life on June 4th, and I did my school talent show 2 days ago. I hope you can all understand.

I also deleted the weight loss post, I don't have time to work out and to try out new diets or anything, I'll try to do them again this summer, I'll have a lot more time :)

Then, the face of the day. I received my sephora catalog ( the one with Tokidoki on the front page ) and I saw this picture :

Ain't that pretty? All summery with bright lips :) I tried it , with the product I own ( I didn't have anything they used actually ) and it turned to this :

I like how it turned out! It's different from what I used to do. Here are the product I used :

-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer potion
-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
-Stila Eye Shadow in Oasis
-Coastal scents 88 matte palette ( bright yellow, gold, light orange, mid-toned orange and black to set eyeliner )
-MAC Amber Light eye shadow
-MAC Cristal Avalanche eye shadow
-Stila Golden Noir smudge pot
-Urban Decay 24/7 Eye liner in Zero
-Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara in blackest black

-NYC Retro Red Ultra Moist Lip Wear
-Mark. Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Lucky Luxe

I hope you liked it, if not, I did :)

Thanks for reading!