Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 10 Pan : I did it !

Hey girls :)

I did it! I went through projet 10 pan! WOOHOO!!   :) It was quite hard and boring being not able to buy make up and such, but it's good to know that I have less things now, that I used up things . 

 Don't mind the party light candle burning, I'm waiting for my candles by victoria ones :)
So , there's a lot of lip products as you can see, those are easy to finish due to the amount of time you have to reapply them per day.

1. Smile Dazzleglass by MAC
2. Instant Gold Lusterglass by MAC
3. Lash Blast by Cover Girl
4. Telescopic Explosion by L'Oréal
5. Lash Blast Length by Cover Girl
6. Skittles Lemon by Lip Smacker
7. Skittles Lime by Lip Smacker
8. Skittles Strawberry by Lip Smacker
9. Parfait Amour shadow by MAC
10. Yes Yes Yes Tantalizing Lip Butter by The Body Shop

Can you tell I try to use up all my Lip Smacker li balm? I have way to many of them! I also finish three mascara that I was using at the same time ( not one over the other with the other one on top , I mean the same period of time :D ). I feel great! 

I would really encourage you guys to try it. It really helps to keep your make up fresh and neat when you use up thing that can go bad fast :)

Thanks for reading!


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