Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have new glasses! :O


You know it if you read the title, but I got a new pair of glasses!


Here's a picture of my "old" glasses :
AHAH! Don' mind that weird shadow! Anyway, you can see, they were pretty small.. The brand was FCUK if you're wondering.. I got them at Costco almost 3 years ago.

Here are the new glasses! :
I LOOOOVE them, they look geeky to me, and I think they suit me well.. They are Polo Ralph Laurent, again, if you were wondering. Oh and did I told you? I LOOOOVE them :)

That is seriously all I wanted to write today, but don't be scared, I have a couple looks and hauls to show you and some other good stuff :)

Thanks for reading ladies! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't you know already!?

Hello dear possible winners of some good stuff!

Don't you know that Alicia (aka FunnyFace Beauty) is having a competition where you have to recreate/get inspired by a red carpet look ( any of them.. it could be from 10 years ago, and still work! )? No? What!? Have you been living under a rock or something??

I'm going to send you over her post where everything is... Rules, how to enter.. Everything!

I can't actually participate to this contest.. I know.. You're wondering why I can't! It's because.. I'll get to be a judge with two other marvellous bloggers! ( Aka Marie from Marie a la Mode and Amy from Black and White Collage ) So here a mocking entry, to maybe inspire you to participate for real! :D

Look at her makeup.. Ahhh! I love it! I always love the way she looks.. Like an old fashion pin up.. I really like it!( I'm a big Katy Perry fan... Music and look wise! )

So here's what I came up with... Don't laugh about the hair! I'm in no way shape or form an hair stylist of some sort... So it's extra plain... I also could have accesorize a little bit.. But eh, my thing is makeup!
So yup! Even though Katy had more of a silver shadow going on... I added glitter.. For the fun of it! And I also added a gold gloss over my red lips since I saw a little warmth in her lipstick..  I added a pink blush and bobbypined my hair a tad and made a pony tail... Voila! You have it! My version of Katy Perry's look for I don't know which red carpet! :D

(Quickly.. If you're wondering what I have on my face :
Eyes :
-MAC Painterly paintpot
-Inglot shadow in 351 (matte skin tone color)
-Inglot shadow in 348 (matte dark gray color)
-Inglot shadow in 64 (black with gold sparkle)
-Urban Decay shadow in S&M (light silver)
-LA Splash Splash Proof Sealer Eye shadow sealer/base (to make the glitter stick)
-Eye Kandy Sprinkles in Jawbreaker
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils in Milk (inner corner)
-MAC shadow in Gesso (on top of the NYX pencil)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-NYX Fabulous Lashes in EL108 Breeze
-L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

-Inglot shadow in 21
-Joe Fresh Clear Mascara & Brow Gel

-MAC Powder Blush in Dame

-NYX Lipliner Pencil in 817 Hot Red
-MARK. Lipclick in Cha Cha
-NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in 105 Gold

Be aware that you don't need to do that list to enter! )

I really hope you'll want to enter her challenge.. It's a really easy and fun one! And she has some uh-mah-zing prizes for you! :)

Thanks for reading.. and I hope to see your face in the contest!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review : Katy Perry Mini Nail Laquers by OPI

My oh my.

Ever since I saw preview on bigger nail blogs, I've been craving this collection. Yes, it's small.. But my love for Katy Perry and glitters explode inside me when I saw the swatches. The Queen herself could say that these are the worst nail polish ever, I would have still bought them to try them. I was sad when I saw that the beauty salon didn't received the full sized collection with the shattered top coat, but they'll soon. I'll have a post dedicated to the top coat actually ! But before hand, here's me blabbering about those four polishes!

First of all, I got this pack of 4 baby sized nail polish for 14,99$. They're each 3,75 mL or 1/8 Fl Oz, compared to 15 mL or 1/2 Fl Oz for a full sized. Where I live, that pack is a tad more expensive than one full bottle, and to me it sounds like a pretty good price! ( If you do the maths -> 1/8 times 4 is 1/2... So getting the 4 mini bottles for the price of one is actually not quite a bargain, but still not a steal. )

First Color : The One That Got Away
This is a red, obviously, but depending on the light, it passes from a dark winey red color to a brighter rasberry-ish red. There's also tiny silver sparkles in it that sometimes look light red since the polish itself is quite sheer. Overall, it works well with my skin color, that I'll call uberly light, but I feel like it's dupable. Don't get me wrong! I really love the glow that it gives when it's on, and I actually don't have anything like it ( I don't have that many nail polishes .. ), but you may want to take a look at your collection before going out and buy it :)
Here it is with 3 coats on! Sorry for the fingerprints all over.. That's what you get for having a glass table!

Next : Teenage Dream
One word : LOVE! Simply love. If you had to pick any of the colors from those 4, and maybe from any polishes in the whole world.. This one. And I'm not joking! This is my favorite polish of all the one I own. It's a pink jelly based polish loaded with tiny pinky-silver sparkles and hexagonal holo glitters. Tell me that doesn't sound delicious! If you get it, don't get discouraged by the first coat. It'll be super sheer. But with 3 coats... Pure Yummyness!
The middle finger is actually the more accurate one. I don't know why the finger on the left look so light actually! But anyway.. You should close your mouth now.. I know it's watering for this pretty polish, but your keyboard will not love it if it starts leaking like a waterfall!

Then : Last Friday Night
This one is a liar. I know! You're thinking of a pretty jelly bright blue polish, but no, liar, it's more of a glitter top coat to me! ( I actually founded a combo with it that will make me buy a full size of it probably... pictures below! ) Anyway... Prepare yourself for some coats over coats over coats if you want to wear it on it's own! It has the same hexagonal glitters that Teenage Dream has, but instead of tiny pinky-silver sparkles, it has tiny blue shimmers and silver mini flakes.

Yes, this is 3 coats.. You can see the white tips of the nails and how sheer it is... Hopefully, I tried this :
Bad and blurry picture, I know.. And the color accuracy is not the best... But you get the idea! Last Friday Night over the Suede finish Russian Navy...They seriously fit perfectly!! Plus, in this photo, you can see the difference of a baby bottle next to mama bottle!

Lastly : Not Like The Movies
This is actually my less favorite one, and it's not because of the sheerness or the texture...Just because the color itself is not my cup of tea. It actually works well on my skin and all.. So I'll wear it, but there are a lot of colors that I like over this particular one. It's like a metallic Silver Green Purple colors with baby silver flecks. And you surely need 3 coats, like any polishes from this collection.

So that's all for this uber long post! I hope it helps someone in some way! If I had to recommend ANYTHING, I would say Teenage Dream ALL the way. Of course, if pink and/or glitter is not your type, I'm not stressing you to get it.. but if you think you might like it, GO. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Anyway.. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guess who's back? Back again! Marie's back, With an Eye of the Day.

Yes, I know. The title doesn't rhyme. :D

So. I "kinda" took a little pause if you haven't realized! It's part for personal reasons, part from extreme lazyness. Talk about honesty! :O


I'm back now. And for quite sometime! I bought a note book, that I like to call my planner, and wrote a bunch of ideas in it about future post and all.. So that might/will surely help! I also accept request, so if you ever want to see something.. Leave a comment :)

So to include a little interest in this post, and to actually show you guys something, here's my eye look of the day!
No face action though.. My skin is all messed up at this moment.. I guess that Cold weather+Dry wind+Snow Storm+That time of the month doesn't help with anything! Oh well !

 In order : 
-Urban Decay Original Primer Potion
-MAC Painterly Paint pot
-Inglot 415 Shadow in the crease ( turquoise/teal )
-Inglot 60 Shadow on the lid ( yellow )
-MAC Inter-View mineralize Eyeshadow ( the dark blue stripe ) on the outer corner/outer crease
-Inglot 415 Shadow on the outer lower lash line ( medium toned blue )
-Inglot 60 Shadow on the inner lower lash line ( yellow )
-MAC Crystal Avalanche shadow in the inner corner 
-MAC Blanc type on the browbone
-MAC Black track fluidline on the upper lash line and the water line
-L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

I know, you might think that it's a little bright for this season.. But I want spring and summer back! I'm someone that like warm and hot weather... So winter in Quebec is really not my thing.. The feet or so of snow that we got yesterday made me feel depressed.. So I took out my turquoise and bright yellow to feel better :)

Thanks for reading!