Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review : Geo Circle Lens

Hey Ladies :D

I got circle lens this past winter and I've been really enjoying them. I have currently two pairs : Angel Blue and Nudy Violet. 

I personally ordered from Toronto Circle Lens, which is an online distributor of Geo Lens. This company is runned by two boys , who are Joey and Derick, and they offer an amazing customer service! They will answer all of your question fast and brillantly if you contact them through their e-mail ( which is ). 

They offer you to buy each pair of circle lens for 25 $ and they have free shipping in United States and Canada, which is absolutely great. That is mainly why I ordered from them and not from anyone. They offer the best price and free shipping.

Now, onto the lens themselves :) First I'll show you my eyes without lenses :

I took all the pictures in the dark, to make my pupil bigger. 

Okai, so those are my eyes all naked. I have brownish/hazel eyes, pretty boring, huh? 

So , here are my lenses :
On the picture, you can see the little bottle they came in ( I wrote the date that I opened them on the bottle's lid, because the lens can last up to a year ). I would recommend you to be really carefull when you open them, there's a metal part that can be really mean to your fingers! The lens also come with the contact case, which are really handy.

So, here for the Angel Blue :
If you can compare, they definatly enlarge my iris , and make my eyes look like doll eyes. They look kind of greyish, but in real life they are blue, I swear :)

Then, onto the Nudy Violet :
As you can see, they enlarge my iris too, but the black rim around the outside part of the lens is softer looking then the Angel's one, they look more natural (even though they are purple xD )

If you are looking for circle lenses, I would suggest to buy a pair first, to try them out. At first , they can be really uncomfortable, but like new shoes, you get used to it. Also, it's important to read the little instruction paper that come with your order. It tells you lots about how to take care of your lenses and everything. 

I hope this review was helpfull to someone :)


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