Monday, May 24, 2010

Review : Revlon Scents of Summer Collection!

Hello Gorgeous people! 

Not to long ago, I decided to buy all the polishes from the revlon scents of summer collection because hey, they're scented! :)

I did swatches of all of them in the sunlight for you guys to see! :

Beach. It's a yellow green with little specks of golden shimmers. You can go with two coats of it, but a third one wound'nt be bad. The scent is like a fresh clean scent.

Ocean Breeze. It's a blue color with teal reflex and tiny silver shimmers. This one is pretty much opaque in two coats. It smells like an air freshener with a fruity touch.

Peach Smoothie. It's a pale peach color with little gold glitters. The picture show two coats, but it would be better with three actually. The scent is like a sugary fake peach.

Orange Pop. This might be my favorite. It's a red orangy color with tiny golden shimmers. It pretty much good to go in two coats and it smells divine! It's like a sugary sweet citrus scent.

Gum drop. If you're familiar with the youtube community, you might have heard Echoli talking about this one. It's a really pale lavender color and the finish is pretty much cream. It smells like grape flavoured hubba bubba ( which is a type of really childish bubble gum ) to me.

Grape Icy. It's a mid-toned purple with a pinky sheen to it. The picture actually washed it out a little. This one looks great with two coats and smells like an artificial sweet grape to my nose :)

Bubble Gum. It's a classic fuschia color. This one is opaque in one coat, but I always do two how ever the first one look. I know that you weren't prepared to know this but this one smells like bubble gum. :O

Cotton Candy. It's a really pale pink color with a gold sheen that would look better with a third coat. The smell of this one is a really generic sugar scent. I can't really say '' OH! It's cotton candy ! '' when I smell it but it's definately sweet.

That's all for today! I'm pretty happy with this post :)

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  1. Whoo... I love gum drop! the clr is soooooo lilac~

  2. I just bought gum drop and can't wait to use it. But the other colours just don't seem very special.

  3. hey i have followed you love the blog :) could you follow me please :) x