Thursday, June 3, 2010

Class of 2010 : The sneak peek :D

Hello Gorgeous people! 

I have a very special post for you today, it's my prom/graduation sneak peek!

Basically, I'm just going to show you my shoes and the little clutch I got to go with both of my dresses ( one for prom, one for grad ).

 Here , you can see both of my new babies. I'm so in love with my shoes! Can you see the little bow on it? So cute! And I know, they're not blingy, but I can wear those after prom/grad!

Some more shoe porn :) As you can see, the heel is really small ( about 2 inches ) that is mainly because 1. I'm really clumsy , and 2. My boyfriend is smaller than me actually!

That is my clutch. Big enough to fit the lipgloss, the cell phone and some money! It's really cute I think with all the ruffles :) And can you see the thing that keep it close?

That's where I put the bling! It looks like a baby disco ball isn't it? :)

That's all girls, I hope you want to see more pictures! Next step is graduation. It's actually next tuesday !

Thanks for reading ( I wouldn't mind for you to follow too :D! )



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