Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mascara Fun : Hard Candy 1000 Lashes


Today I went to Wal-Mart and of course walked in the make up isle... AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND!? Hard Candy! I know it's been out in the United States for ever, but it's a premiere here!

The first thing I got are these babies:
As you can see, these are the Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Fiberized Lash weave mascara in Heartthrob Pink and Divine Purple.
Heartthrob Pink
Divine Purple
So yeah. Since I had them BOTH on right after I got them and I managed to cry with them on, I think I can do a review. First I'll let you know what the packaging claims.
-'' Fiberized Lash weave mascara '' 
-'' Infuse with volume building fibers that thicken and lengthen lashes ''
-'' We love our animal friends. We don't test our product on them ''
Now onto the pros and cons

Pros :
-It is fun to have colored mascara, it spices up any look
-They're available in many many colors, including traditionals like black and brown
-They're cheap and easy to find ( is there a place in the world without a Wal-Mart invasion?? )
-They stayed up pretty good when I cried
-The fiber in it really lenghten my lashes ( pictures a little further )
-They hold my curl ( hold, not magically create one, I need to curl my lashes before applying )
-They don't test on animals, always a must!
-Not clumpy
Cons :
-It doesn't thicken that much
-You need to build it up a little for it to show up perfectly
-Can be hard to pull off
-The type of brush ( the more natural bristle kind ) is not my type really...
-Product builds up at the tip of the wand, which can be irritating

Quality : 4/5
For the price ( around 6 $ ) I can't complain. It does pretty much what it claims, and it shows up  
Packaging : 5/5
Come on. It's Hard Candy. They're known for their pretty darn cute packaging with details all over!

Price : 5/5
Cheap and works! Can't asked for more. 

Total : 14/15
Looking for a good colored mascara under 10 $ Go for it! :)

Here are the '' swatch '' pictures

Naked lashes on my right side with black liquid liner and grey pencil liner
Same liner Plus Divine Purple Mascara
Naked lashes on my left side, with the same liner
Lashes with Heartthrob Pink mascara, and same liner

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  1. YES there is a place in the world without Wal-mart... AUSTRALIA. We get jibbed with everything it seems :(

    Great review, maybe I should try out coloured mascaras!

  2. Ive never seen these mascaras!
    It's nice to see them have unique packaging!
    The squeeze tube is nice rather than the reg sort., ill be getting my own set when i next go shopping! Thanks! great post :)

  3. I just saw Hard Candy in Walmart for the first time on Friday. Will have to go back and try some of these mascaras

  4. how kool I've been meaning to go check that out at walmart !!!

  5. That is so much fun!! I've never seen a colour mascara that worked. that one is awesome