Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long time no... HAUL!

Hey I'm back! :)

And school started monday. I know, no excuses for the post break, but I was really being hyped about school since I graduated from high school and I'm now going to college *hourray*

So, since I read all the comment on my MAC Giveaway post, I know that a lot of you like hauls ( and mac ). So here's a collective MAC haul! :D

As you can see with the To the beach packaging, I haven't done a haul in ages... 
Here is (order from the last picture, center then left to right ):
-Royal Assets: 6 smokey eyes (from Antiquitease ) with ( from left to right, up to down on the second picture ) Knight, Majestic, Courtly Gray, Palatial, Rondelle and Maid of Honor.
-Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish
-Marine Life High-Light Powder
-Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish
-Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
Then ( still from left to right ):
-Ban This! Dare to Wear Lipglass
-Going Bananas Eye Shadow
-Louder, Please Eye Shadow
-Zingy Eye Shadow
-Swiss Chocolate Eye Shadow 
-Blanc Type Eye Shadow

Then.. Mommy went to a CCO in her trip to the US... 
For her not knowing a lot about MAC and what I have, she did AWESOME!
Here is ( from left to right up to down in the second picture )
-Inter-View Mineralize Eye Shadow ( From Red, She Said (2008) )
-Belightful Iridescent Powder/Pressed ( From Fafi (2008) )
-On a Mission Beauty Powder Blush ( From Style Warriors (2009) )
-Evening Aura Eye Shadow ( From Neo Sci-Fi (2008) ) * SEE NOTE FURTHER *
-Dreammaker Eye Shadow ( From Love that Look (2009) )
-Night Manoeuvres Eye Shadow ( From Style Warriors (2009) )
-Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass ( From Style Warriors (2009) )
-Sea & Sky Mineralize Eye Shadow
-Gold Spice Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow ( From Metal-X (2007) )

I'm so pleased with everything! :)
Tomorrow is the lauched of Fabulous Felines.. I might go and take a look, we'll see! 

I'm selling or swapping my Brand New Evening Aura eye shadow! Not because I don't like it, it is actually a really gorgeous color, but because I already have it! I sell it for 13 $ CAD ( shipping included ) or swap it with another MAC Eye Shadow in pot. Someone interested? :D

That's all for today, hope to see you on my blog soon! :)

Thanks for reading! 
P.s.: I'm 8 followers away from the end of my MAC Giveaway! I can't wait! :) 


  1. Great haul! I don't have any mac items, what do you recommend?


  2. @Savannah

    Like that I would say that their neutral eye shadow are really good ( well most of their shadows in general :D ) But you gave me the idea to do a post on my MAC recommendations :) Thanks!

  3. Amazing. Do you think your mommy could be my mommy for a day?

  4. What an awesome haul!!

    There's just so much pretty to take in at once.

  5. great haul! petticoat looks gorgeeouss :)

    i just found your blog btw.. its lovely :) you have a new follower! <33