Thursday, August 5, 2010

Candles By Victoria : First Experience.

So yeah.. I got my Candles by Victoria scent shots quite some time ago, but I really wanted to try them out before telling you anything about them :) I got the 8 scent shot sampler pack in the bakery scent, plus the Dr. Pepper one and the Bath time with Pooh one.

Seriously, I LOVE those. They are fully scented, and they melt like a dream. ( I also bought the electric tart warmer, the black one if you are interested :D )

( You can get some candles by victoria from , and you can also check out her youtube channel here )

So I'll show you them one by one, telling you what I think about each!

Pumpkin Pie Spice.
I have to admit that I don't really know what pumpkin smells like, but this baby surely smells like spices. It reminds me of the little cinnamons hearts that are available around valentine's day plus another scent that I can't put my nose on.. That might be the pumpkin part :)

Wildberry Scone.
Pure yumminess. I can smell the berry and the bakery dough scent out of it. It's surely something that I'm happy to have for fall since it is a really comforting kitchen scent.

Dr. Pepper.
I'm not impressed with this one. It does smell like cherry spicy cola, but nothing dead on Dr. Peppery. I still like it, but not one of my favorites.

Buttery Caramel.
Let's be honnest here, since this little story have an happy end. When I first smelled it, I tought of pee... The cold throw of it is disgusting to me. I was disapointed. But then, I decided to burn it, taking the chance. That's when the magic happened! It started smelling like a graham cracker crust with melted butter plus a little caramel on it. Yum :)

Log Cabin.
According to Victoria, this one is suppose to smell like pancakes covered by maple syrup. I can smell both actually, the pancake scent being overpowered by the maple syrup one. Still a great one :)

Bath time with Pooh.
I looove this! It really smells like the product it's duping. Fresh flowery honey scent that all my family likes :)

Buttercream Crunch.
This one I like. It smells just like when my mom cooks cake it the kitchen. It truely smell like butter and cream. I can get the maple syrup and the vanilla that Victoria discribes, but none of the coconut and cocoa is coming to my nose actually.

Country Fair Funnel Cake.
I actually don't know what this type of food is so I can't say if it's right or wrong, but it smells like something I would like to eat! It's syrupy and buttery, plus a little something that I don't know.

Butter Rum Crunch.
It does smell like the name says. Buttery dessert scent and a subtle note of rum added. ( I have never drink rum before, but to know the smell of it I did opened a bottle in the kitchen, my mom was really looking wierd at me .. )

It does stand to what Victoria put on her website. Cookie sugary dough and lots of spices! I'm not a fan, but it still smells good :)

Simply Delicious.
This is one of the House Blend Frangrances. According to Victoria, it includes pears, vanilla, rich cream, butter and brown sugar. I can smell every notes except for the pear in the cold throw of this, kind of sadly  ( I love pears :) ). It's is still a good one, and the only one that I haven't burned yet.

That's all actually! I'm really pleased with those scent shot and I want to get more of them :) I might try some of the fruity scent, plus a couple perfume and more bakery. I can't wait!

Thanks for reading! 

P.s.: Have you ever bought some candles from Victoria? If so, which is your favorite? :)

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  1. Hmmm....I have heard of her candles but I haven't tried them before. Will have to check out her website. I worry the bakery scents will just make me hungry...:)