Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FunnyFace Beauty's Dare to Wear Challenge

Hey hey! 

I took Alicia's challenge thinking it might be easy.. WELL! I deeply failed I think! :)

This is the original look :

And this is what I came up with :

I know, it is really not the same.. But it was really fun to do! I hope she'll do these more often, a challenge is good time to time :)

Thanks for reading beautiful people! 


P.s.: I have a haul and some intense look comming soon :)
p.s.2: I'm at 33 followers right now, it is 17 away from the goal and from a winner of a M.A.C. Eye Shadow and LipStick!



  1. Marie,
    That is frickin' awesome!! What do you mean you failed?? Its such a great job.
    Im gonna post the pics and your link next week in an updated post.
    Yes, I will be doing more of them.
    Honestly it looks amazing.

  2. This is amazing! It looks the same! Congrats on 33 followers!



  3. Loving the clubwear and rave wear on this site, some of the best I’ve seen!

  4. This is def not a fail, this is super gorgeous :) Congrats on the followers hun! xoxo