Thursday, August 12, 2010

CLOSED! MAC Give Away? I think so!! + EOTD :D

Hey Girls! :) THIS GIVE AWAY IS CLOSED :) Winner : Funnyface Beauty

Have you read the title? YES! I'm doing an Eye of the day! WOOHOO! No, just kidding, I know you're all excited reading that amazing myself is holding a pretty cool give away. But first, to keep the exciting factor, let's do the EOTD.

Ohh, pretty summery bronze, no? :)

Product used : 
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Mac Soft Ochre Paintpot
-Mac Shadow in Evening Aura All over the lid ( shadow from Neo Sci-fi )
-Mac Shadow in Amber Lights in the crease
-Wet n Wild Coloricon Palette in Vanity ( 249 ). I used the Matte highlight color on the brow bone and the shimmery highlight color in the tearduct.
-Maybelline Line Stiletto in Blackest Black
-Rimmel The MAX Volume Flash mascara in 003 Extreme Black.

NOW! Lets talk about give away...
Since I don't hav that much follower and that I'm not the kind of person that likes to go on blog and tell '' Come to my blog it's loads of fun '', I thought that a give away might be a great idea to get people here. 

-You MUST be a follower, I'll check for sure.
-All age can enter. I know I can't check but if you're 18 or younger it would be nice to ask your parents permission.
-The Give away IS international, as long as Canada package are accepted where you live.
-You have two ways to enter. One being leaving a comment ON THIS POST ( explaination of the comment content further in this post ) and you can do a blog post or a little thing to put on the side advertising this give away and then post another comment with the link for me to see. YOU MUST LEAVE 2 DIFFERENT COMMENTS TO HAVE 2 CHANCES, if you put them together, that gives you only one chance.

Prizes and comment content
The prizes are *drumroll*....
I know I know, I'm that awesome :D
So, in your comment, you'll have to tell me :
-Which lipstick color you want. 
-Which eyeshadow color you want and if you want it in the pot or propan style.
-Ask me a request for something to do on my blog
-Leave me an e-mail adress where I'll be able to contact you if you win (you'll have to answer back within 3 days or someone else will win )
No enter me will be accepted. 
Oh and.. I can get you some Pro Shades as well! 

Click here to see MAC PRO and permanent shadow shades
Click here to see MAC PRO and permanent lipstick shades

  <- This means it is a PRO shade.
  <- This means it is a limited edition shades. Do not mention those in your comment , I'll not get it.

This give away will be over when I'll reach 50 followers, I know it can sound long since I only have 10 at this moment.. But it 'll happen , I know it ! :)

Please Have Fun with it, I'm sure I will :)

Thanks for reading again lovely followers



  1. Thank for being such an awesome subscriber. I have post about your contest. Hopefully I can help you out getting some more subscribers.


  2. I would really love Scene eyeshadow and Cream Cup lipstick because the colors are lovely!! I don't mind which ever form they come in :)

  3. Love the contest and you should do more hauls and fashion hauls if you like and show us what kinda style you have :)

  4. I would like sushi flower eyeshadow in a pot and costa chic lipstick.

    I would like to see product reviews and drugmart brands.

  5. Hey Marie.

    I would love Wedge eyeshadow and Lady Danger lipstick
    and I would like to see more EOTD or FOTD posts. I love the one above

  6. A lovely contest you are having. :)

    I would like the Mac Lipstick in Jazz and All That Glitters eyeshadow in pot.

    I would love to see more hauls and outfits of the day.

  7. I love Creme De Nude lipstick and St Germaine :) very lovely :)

    Im a subbie ofc , lovely contest you are having.. so kind :)

  8. great look!

    new follower

    pls follow me also:


  9. What a good competition!

    I would like Woodwinked in Pan form,

    and Snob Lipstick pretty please!

    I am subscribed, and I would love to see more Hauls and reviews please!


    Thanks :)xxx

  10. Lovely giveaway :)
    If I were to win I would love sketch e/s in pot and Creme cup lipstick :)
    - Beth x

  11. This is such a great giveaway! :) If I win I would like 'Show Orchid' lipstick and 'Espresso' eyeshadow in pan form please!

    I would love to see hauls and FOTD! xx

  12. Love the giveaway hun :) I'd like to win Hue lipstick and Woodwinked eyeshadow in pot form!
    I'd also love to see more hauls on your blog :)

  13. This seems to be a good idea. Maybe I need to try this hmm. Very nice of you, shadow AND lipstick OF CHOICE? You ARE awesome. <3

    I'd like Peachstock lipstick, and Amber Lights eyeshadow in pot form. Because I'm loving it in your EOTD.

    I'm only a new follower, but I'd love to see FOTD posts just because it is a complete picture of your look! Oh and hauls. Shopping makes me happy XD


  14. Hello! I'm a follower via GFC as Victoria ^^.

    Congrats on your 25 followers!!

    I'd like Satin Taupe eyeshadow and Hot Gossip lipstick!

    EOTD is perfect! I love bronze :) and I'd love to see swatches, they help me when I go to the shops.



  15. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    I would love Ricepaper in a pot and Mac lipstick in Hue.

    I would like to see more face of the days, i love those! :)

  16. this is a good idea for a giveaway!

    i would love nylon eyeshadow see sheer lipstick!

    follow us too

  17. also EOTD is such a good idea! and your liner looks so perfect!

  18. Wow, this is a crazy-good giveaway! love the blog, and that EOTD is beautiful.

    My colour picks are the lipstick in Touch, and the eyeshadow propan in Star Violet

    --dee, from

  19. What a cool giveaway! Ive never had anything from mac so this would be an awesome contest to win :) Subscribed ofcourse!

    Id love Satellite Dreams for an eyeshadow (In the pot), and id love Modesty for a lipstick! is my blog and
    honiblogg at gmail dot com is my email!

  20. Hey girly!
    i think it would be totally amazing if you did something like new fashion trends and keep everyone up to date with there style(;
    someting all of us could use!
    i would love a shadow in electric eel and lipstick in angle!
    stay gorgeous<3

  21. Helow M.-C.!!

    I wish for the in expensive pink in potform and ramblin' rose lipstick.

    I want to see more of those super FOTD's. Keep up the great work on them cuz' I totally luv them! It would also be great to make a little step-plan about how to apply fake eyelashes or a video about how 2 shape your eyebrows.

    My e-mailadress is:


  22. Hey girlie great giveaway! I'm a follower(:
    I would love to see more fashion posts.
    I wish for the antique eye shadow and the chic lipstick.



  23. Oooh you're so great to be doing this! I just had a little read through your blog and I love it so far!
    I'd love Cranberry eyeshadow (pan) and Hot Gossip lipstick :)
    My email is icecoldmakeup(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. I love that EOTD, It's something I would totally wear!

    For the contest:
    I'd love the All That Glitters eyeshadow, and the Peachstock lipstick! Ohh I have been wanting Peachstock so bad!!
    I would absolutely love to see more of your EOTDs! I love using them as inspiration. Or maybe even some Halloween looks. The MASK look you did in another post is amazing!

  25. Btw, I just posted about your giveaway here:


  26. love your eye of the day so pretty and simple!
    I would love espresso eyeshadow and costa chic lipstick!

  27. posted your giveaway on my side bar :)

  28. yay i hope i still can enter will post bout your giveaway on my side bar now =D

  29. i always want to have Carbon eyeshadow and Lady Danger lipstick from mac.
    i request you for new layout soo it match with your cool header.

  30. following your blog ofcourse :)
    and put bout your giveaway on my sidebar :

    thank you ! :D

  31. awesome giveaway!! congrats! I'm follower #49...

    MAC e/s - Beauty Marked (pro pan)
    MAC l/s - Ruby Woo


    I would love to see more EOTD's, OOTD's, HAUL's & travel posts....

    thank you for this awesome giveaway! =)

  32. I added a link to your giveaway on the sidebar in my blog....

    MAC e/s - Contrast (pro pan)
    MAC l/s - Shy Girl


    thanks again! =)

  33. Hello lovely, I would love brulee eyeshadow in a pot and creme de'nude lipstick. A request for your blog after having a good old read of your posts would be to see more outfit of the days. Cute blog, I found you from a post on Savannah's blog!


  34. hello love you blog btw i would love to endtre but am new and dont know how to add the blog to the side bar etc. great give away though

    miss giggles


  35. Hi! Great giveaway ;-)
    If I win I would love High Tea lipstick and Swiss Chocolate E/s!

  36. Lovely giveaway! I follow you thru GFC :)

    Lipstick: Impassioned
    E/s (pan): Satin Taupe


  37. hmmm for lip stick I like
    Pink Plaid
    and e/s
    parfait Amour

    Now following u on GFC
    Andrea D

    I would <3 to see you do some more reviews...Maybe on self- tanners..
    Great page by the way! I just started blogging so looking to get any advice feedback

    Thanks so much 4 the great giveaway!