Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010 Favorites !

Hello :)

So here is my first edition of my monthly favorites! * Yayyy! *

I have been enjoying a couple of thing this month, so here we go!

First, I've been using my MAC Royal Asset : 6 Smokey Eyes a whole lot, at least one color from it every day. I like Maid Of Honnor ( last color on the first row ) as a high light, since it's matte, and Rondelle (last color on the second row ) as a inner corner high light a lot ! :) I've been also enjoying puting Rondelle all over the lid, with Knight and Courtly Grey in the crease ( Knight being the first color on the last row, Courtly Grey being the one next to it ) and Maid Of Honnor as a brow High Light. This combo (last look on this post) as been my favorite over the last month. 

I've been also loving MAC's Swiss Chocolate, Amber Lights, Blanc Type and Crystal Avanlanche a bunch ( the pro pan color, in the same order, left to right ). Together, they have been my second favorite look to wear. Also, as you can see from the big pan part in my Crystal Avanlanche, this color is my ALL TIME FAVORITE to put in my inner corner as a high light. ( Sephora's Aspen Summit from the free beauty insider gift being a really good dupe for it ). 

Next, in order from left to right again, I've been liking my MAC Soft Ochre paint pot as a base for almost every single look I do. The container isn't the real one since I transfered it because it was hard to reach to product on the side at a certain point. It makes my eyeshadow stays all day, which is a must. I also like Urban Decay Primer Potion, but I just ran out of it. 

The next product is the Buxom Lash Liner in the color Leatherette. As you can see, I use it wierdly, ahah! It's half gone, and you can clearly see it! It's a really creamy gel/cream liner. I use it EVERYDAY to make my '' signature '' winged liner ( seriously, my friends see it when I don't do it! ). It's very black and stays on well, PLUS, it claims that there are some kind of mineral thingy inside that are supposed to be really good for your lashes... It might be a fake claim, but I kind of believe it.

Next is my MAC Gold Spice Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow. This is what I use when I do the look with Amber Light as the main color. It just makes it pop! I also love the texture on this. I don't know why but when you put your(clean) finger in it, it doesn't feel creamy, but they you apply it and a tiny bit goes a loooooong way. Seriously I'm never going to ran out of this! 

Then there's a new discovery. My MARK Make it Big Lash Plumping Mascara. I loooooove this. I got it free with a special that was in the MARK Megalogue where if you bought 3 things featured on a page you got it. Well this thing is good. It plumps and lenghtens my lashes without any clumps, what can I ask other than that?

Then, I've been loving my Rimmel Airy Fairy as an everyday lipstick, and I've been orgasming over red lips too. I LOVE red lips. I feel '' sexy '' and confident rocking it to school ( the main place where I go ). The one that I used the most is a MARK Lipclick in Cha Cha, which is creamy, pigmented and not drying. I recommend. 

Then, there's my NYX Angel blush, which is simply the only blush I've been using all month. I like the color, but the main reason is that I'm trying to finish it actually since I had it for a long time.

Next is the MAC Tinted Lip Conditionner in Popster. It's getting old now, it's still good tho, but I try to use it up. Mainly I've been slaping it on my lips before going to bed as a night lip treatment, and when I wake up in the morning, my lips are soft and ready for the day :)

The last lip product that I love is the Lypsyl Lip balm with the bees wax in it. I have the original formula and GOD, this is good stuff. I put this all day long, over lip stains or before reapplying lipstick, and it keeps my lips soft and fresh, since it is a little minty :)

Next are my favorite brushes. I could only have those and be fine for an everyday routine. 

First is the Sigma E35 ( aka SS217 ). This is good for applying and blending color in my crease and can also be use to put color on the lid, ( even if usually I take my Sigma E55( aka SS239 to do it ) to do it, this could do the job )

Then there's Annabelle A-21 brush, that I only use for my brow high light.

The next one is the Sigma E30 ( aka SS219 ) that I use strickly for my inner corner high light.

Then I have my MAC 266 angle liner brush, that is my lovely liner best friend. I use this baby everyday with my cream liner.

Last but not least, there's my Sigma F40 ( aka SS168 ) to do my blush, the shape is just really good for the way I put my blush on :)

The Nail Polish of the month would be OPI's Russian Navy in the suede finish. I don't know why, but this color have a soothing effect on me, if I'm stressed out or mad, I can just look at it and be calm again.. It's really really pretty!

I also love my Shu Uemura eye lash curler. This is a must have for me since my lashes are really pin straight out of my eyelid. The last one I had always pinched my skin, and this one never did. I recommend this to everyone.

The last ''beauty related'' item I've been loving is my Liquid Latex from Ben Nye. Playing with is and experimenting is just AWESOME! I can't wait to be better at it and rock a creapy look at halloween!

Then for the non-beauty related item, I've been LOVING...

HOUSE! GOD! This show is amazing! One of my friend (and I know he's reading this so Hi Nataniel!) have all the seasons on DVD and I borrow them from him. I'm now watching the end of season two and I'm so hooked. I love House, Cuddy, Wilson and Cameron, I'm not caring to much about Chase and have Love/hate relationship with foreman. Ahh, I just love to this show!

So yes! This is it! My first monthly favorite is done, and I can't wait for the next one because it'll mean that IMATS is comming! 

Thanks for reading !



  1. far my favourite post you have done! Love how you described all of the products. Also loving your favourites! Did you get the NYX blush in Canada or the US? My local drugstores don't carry most of the NYX products (so no blushes, lipglosses, etc).
    Love love love all of your favourites and want them all (of course).
    Can't wait for your October favs.

  2. @Curves Ahead Make up, Thank you!

    @Funny Face Beauty, My local '' Jean Coutu '' carries a lot of NYX actually! It's easier than ordering online for me, or to go to the US. And thanks a lot for your sweet comments! They always makes me happy ! :) I love your faves too, you inspired me to describe a little bit every thing that I love ! :)

  3. Heyy greaat blog! (:
    I'm your new follower ... check out my blog and i hope you can follow me back (:

    xx nazish

  4. ooo im loving all your monthly faves! too bad i don't own ANY of them ahaha. and to your comment.. no it was justs a lancome lipstick :) a sample size. and i WISH i could bring my boyfriend.. he's my backbone! He's the type to confront you while i'm the type to sit down and be sour about it hahaha. nice mix :)

  5. Nice favorites!:D

    I am loving Amber Lights too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. Those look like great products! & I love House too. He's a great actor... Can you believe it's the same guy who played Stuart Littles dad? LOL

  7. I LOVE HOUSE as well!! :) Love love LOVE it, just absolutely infatuated with it! LOL I started watching it since season 1 in 2004.. or something! And I continuously watch it weekly now in its new season :)