Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My top 4 Mascaras!

Hello Lovelies :)

Today, we'll have have a blast looking at close up pictures of my lashes !! Yay! I'm going to introduce you to my favorite mascaras of all time ( all time being the 3 years of my like that I've actually been wearing make up :D )

First, we'll start by some eye lashes pornographie. Here are my oh so naked, but curled, lashes! 
Short, short babies. Plus, they're pale! They have ALL for them! ahah :)

Here is, with no particular order, my top 4 favorite mascaras, 
 Oh, a classic. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara. First, I need to say that I'm SO NOT a fan of the clumpy, crusty, look-I-have-5-ginormous-lashes look. I'm more of a soft and closer to natural lashes girl. As you can see here. My lashes are longer and fuller, which I love about this mascara. I'm a fan of the rubber bristle wands by the way. They seem to work better on me :) I like the dry formula on this one, well, on pretty much every mascaras since they're kind of all like this! I hate hate hate wet mascara, they weight my lashes down, and often cause booboos.

Then, there's the L'Oréal Clean Definition Telescopic. It's more of a lenghtening mascara, which makes my lashes not as full compare to the lash blast. It's not a problem to me since they serve different purpose to me. The mascara I wear depends on the look of the day :) Like Lash Blast, it has a rubbery wand, well not as big, and it's a dry kind of formula. 

Here is Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. Again, more of a leghtening mascara, but this oe hold my curl longer than the telescoping, although it makes my lashes more spiky looking. I don't really care about it since I preffer that to clumps. Then, it's still going on the trend of rubber brush, dry formula thing.

Last but oh so not least. MARK Make it Big mascara. I haven't tried their other kind of mascaras, but I really like this one. It's the only ''natural fiber brush'' mascara I love, which should means a lot. I like what it does!! Makes my lashes flirty looking, to me at least! It stills follow the trend of the dry side formula. Did you notice that people who are on what I'm going to call the ''Lash Blast'', which includes drier kind of mascaras, then you not support the '' Collossal'' team, which includes wet mascaras? Well, I'm like that. I hated the collossal by maybelline, the voluminous by L'oréal, and all of their wet friend.

Anyway, I hope you liked this, and that you might want to try a new mascara now! :)

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to tell me waht your favorite mascara is!! 


  1. I love how Cover Girl Lash Blast looks :D

    My favourite mascara by far is a total bargain. It's Avon's SuperShock mascara. My lashes are pretty long, and most mascaras I've tried got heavy on my lashes after drying up and would bring them down. But Supershock gives them such volume and keeps'em up and curly all day long :D

  2. I love lash blast too! Telescopic didnt work out well for me, so now i only use it for my lower lashes. The other two, i need to try. I always try new mascaras everytime i run out.

  3. Amazing post once again! I love when you write in detail like this. Very helpful! That L'Oreal mascara looks amazing. I love how your lashes look in that picture! If you get a chance, you need to try the Buxom mascara by Bare Escentuals. Its amazing!
    Btw what kind of camera do you use? I have a good one but it doesnt seem to take picture of the eye as well as yours (and others I have seen)


  4. @ Lulia, Oh!! I remember trying that mascara quite some time ago, and I remember liking it too! It gave me Lash Blasted lashes as I remember it, and with Avon you can always score a deal on stuff! :)

    @ Miss ♥ Nikka, I really recommend the other ones, and I'm so like you! I like to try new mascara everytime I ran out of one! Ahah :)

    @ FunnyFace Beauty, Omg, I want to try that Buxom Mascara for the longest time! Now, it's definatly a near buy for me, I'll get it next time I hit a sephora ! :) For my camera, it's an Olympus FE-230 .. I got it like.. Three years ago? On a cruise to Hawaii :) I looked on the Olympus website and I don't see it there, they might have discontinued it ._.

  5. gorgeous pics! I've wanted to try a Cover Girl mascara for ages but so few places in the UK actually stock any CG stuff :(

    I love the sexy curves mascara by rimmel too, wasn't keen on the wand shape but I think it's just taken some getting used to

    My all time favourite is probably the 360 degree one by no.7 - the brush is fab and the formula isn't too wet so i've never had any problems with clumping :)


  6. The loreal and sexy curves mascara looks awesome! I'm in need of a new mascara... :)

  7. i really like what the cover girl lash blast did to your lashes! i've been looking for a new mascara now i'll look out for that one!

  8. @ All made up, There's actually some places where I can find no. 7! I'll surely try to find this mascara!

    @ AestheticAnonymous, feel free to take a look a those one! I'm sure you might found a good one out of them :)

    @ Donna ♥ Baby, You never tried it before? RUN TO YOUR DRUGSTORE GIRL! You won't be disapointed ! :)

    @ Maya Sophia, Thank you ! Good blog By the way, I'm now a follower of yours :)

    @ FunnyFace Beauty, OMG I KNOW! :) I'm so happy! :)

  9. Hey love the post! My favourite mascara is YSL faux cils effect in black. It gives the illusion that you are wearing false lashes, it doesn't clump and stays on all day and the pigment is amazing!
    I like the way you write your blog, its sweet :)