Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't you love making special friends when you blog?

Hello lovely ladies

I know that it is actually tuesday, and that I'm kind of late, but last wenesday I received the sweetest gift from my very special friend Alicia aka FunnyFace Beauty. It all started when she talked about those EOS lipbalms on her blog, and I left a comment saying how frustrating it is that it is not sold in Canada. She told me that she was actually going to the States the next day, and that she would pick one up for me, which I tought was so sweet and kind ! I was amaze at that! But then, while we were e0mailing back and forth, she told me that her package wasn't ready because she wanted to pick up a few little things that she enjoyed for me. Again, I was really speechless about this. Then, wenesday come and I go to pick up the mail and I see that biiiiiig enveloppe with my name on it. I thought she would have add maybe a gloss, or a nail polish, but no, she's too amazing for that ! I already sent her an e-mail explaining how grateful I am to have her as a friend, and how she really touched me with this marvelous gift.

See all this? I was only expecting a lipbalm! Seriously, I'm blessed to know her.
So this is actually what started it all, the EOS lip balm in Honysuckle Honeydew. Let me tell you something... I LOOOOVE this! Seriously! There are awesome! If I ever go to the States again, I'mm buying all the other ones!

 Then I got 2 Wet n Wild Color Icon single shadows in Nutty and Kitten. I played with those and they are so pigmented! Like, serious? These have some good color payoff, if you're on a budget and you want to buy some good make up, go for these, or even the palettes! But stay in the Color Icon range! :)
After that I saw these babies in the package. There is a MAC Dazzleglass in Local Color, a NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Sheer Ruby and a Sally Hansen Volumizing Shield in Plump It Up. I have not tried the Sally Hansen one yet, but I'm in love with the two glosses ! :)

Then there was a Lancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara base, which I have not tried yet, plus something really awesome that she made me discovered. A Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Powder Blue. GOD! Those polishes dry fast and last forever! Nail polish usually stays on me for maybe 2 days maximum... This one was still there without chiping after 5 days with a little tip wear. It could have last longer, I just decided to took it off to use another nail polish.

Last but surel not the least, she sent me an ELF Brush belt. I was on cloud 9 when I saw this. Alicia is actually a good friend of mine, and we talk a lot, sending e-mail back and forth, or on facebook, and she knows that I want to be a make up artist in the future. And who can be a complete make up artist without a brush belt!? Ahah! In this gift, I saw all her support in my dream. I'm truey lucky to have her as a good friend, who is there for me when ever I need to talk. She's really someone I can trust.

So yes, this is what the lovely and so generous Alicia gave to me, and you can't even imagine how happy I am with everything. I'm really grateful for all the neat stuff she sent to me :) I can't wait to meet her for real at IMATS! Do you know it's 10 days away? :)

Thanks for reading everyone, and don't forget to look at Alicia's blog if you haven't already!



  1. Awww sweetest post ever. You have been such a great friend to me too.
    I definitely talk to you about anything! I think you are so talented and definitely want you to follow your dreams! The best part about blogging has been making friends with other bloggers like you
    Can't wait to meet up at IMATS!


  2. ohhh you are very lucky girl...really blogging gives some true nice.

  3. Awww that is so sweet of her.

  4. that's really nice of her. I actually looked for the eos lipbalms last time I was in the US (I am in Canada too) and could not find them anywhere!

  5. awwwww...what an awesome friend!! =)

  6. @justine....did you check at walgreens? I think thats where they usually have them although i thought i heard rumours that they are discontinuing them...i hope not!

  7. @ FunnyFace Beauty, No problems girl, you deserved all those sweet words. And thanks a lot for believing in me, it means a lot to my heart :)
    I can't wait for IMATS too!! 9 days away!!! :D

    @ Rakhshanda, I'm really gratefull for knowing her :) Making friends is surely one of the best thing that can happen when you blog :)

    @ Ares, I know, she's a really wonderful person! By the way, I really love your blog!

    @ Justine@Productrater, That's really sad that you did not found them! I would have enjoyed one of your reviews on it! You always point out things that I never looked at before! :)

    @ Keetuh, I know! She's a true sweetheart :)

    @ MakeupJunkie88, I know! I wish everybody to make at least one friend like this while blogging :)

  8. HIYA! im a new to your blog, and i love it! I have the EOS lip balm! super cute packaging the the smell is too strong for me. i want a brush belt

  9. Thats so sweet of her!
    Oooh, brush belt, professional 8)

    Happy annivesary!

  10. Awesome! :)
    Please check out my blog if you get the chance. Any feedback is appreciated!

  11. aww that is so sweet. you prove you can meet some amazing people on the internet =]

  12. hey woman! how come you havent been posting!

  13. Awww, how lovely. :)

    The cosmetic industry is meant to be the bitchist place to be, but deffo not on our blogs! :)