Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They killed the Pin Up

Or they just ripped her cheek open! :)

I did my very first open wound type thing today!! Woohoo!!

It was a lot of fun and pain to do! ( seriously, liquid latex hurts REALLY BAD when you peel it off!! )

Here's what it looks like! :)

(know what are those stubby brown things? DOMO LEGS! :) )

So yeah! This is my official first try at ''wounding''. It's knot perfect, but I'll practice and one day, I'll get it right! :)

It took me nearly 2 hours doing this, ( including eyes and lips ). The long part was to figure out how to ''blend'' the latex with my own skin, and you can see that I didn't make it xD Anyway! The painting job is not as hard as it seams. Find some creamy and cheapo halloween make up and it'll make it! You need black and red for basic fading :)

If you want some liquid latex but can't find it, send me an e-mail, I have a store near by selling '' high-end '' theatrical makeup ( ben nye, kryolan, mehron, etc ).

Thanks for reading ladies!!

P.s.: To come, my top 4 most loved mascaras!! :) 


  1. WOW THIS IS AWESOME MARIE!!!! I wouldn't even know where to begin to do this. Krista was just saying the other day its too bad we don't know how to do that for hallowe'en, It honestly looks so real.

  2. Crazy good and slightly creepy! (:



  3. Well Girl!! Go and watch petrilude's video about liquid latex, or myeyeshadowisodd's video about how to do the bullet hole in your face.. That is the technique I used to do it, and if you want some liquid latex I can send some to you :)

  4. you did a great job!! makeup looks great!!

  5. great job..you are so talented dear...looks real.I love your blog too.

  6. wow this is soo cool. i have liquid latex for over a year and still havent got a chance to use it! u did a good job dont doubt yourself

  7. This is so amazing! It looks so painful (in a good way)!

    So much talent xo

  8. This is the first time that I saw your blog, and the first thing that I saw is this post.. Woah! Scary! Looks just like the real thing! Cool! ^_^

  9. I know that it's not real but that still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand.

    That's pretty cool. :) I showed my fiancé and his expression was priceless! :))

  10. That's AWESOME!!! You have skill!

  11. wow that is so cool and gruesome looking!!
    Really impressive!!

  12. @ Donna<3Baby, Thanks you girl! I'm really glad thhatyou like my hard work!

    @ Rakhshanda, I'm glad that you love this look and my blog too! I put all my effort and heart in it :)

    @ KayKay, You should give Liquid Latex a try!! It's not that hard to do, and it's so fun!! If you have problems to start, like I did, go over youtube and watch Petrilude's and Myeyeshadowisodd's video about how to work with Liquid Latex :)

    @ Reeree, Thank you!! My mom said the same thing! She felt bad for me, even tho she knew it was all make up :)

    @snow0016, Im really happy that you found my blog and that you like it :) Thank you for the sweet comment and for following ! :)

    @ Beauty Addict, Thank you! I'm glad you like it ! :)

    @Toni Tralala, Thanks ! I would have LOVED to see your Fiancé's expression, I'm sure we would all have laughted! :)

    @ Britt Morgan, Thank you :) You have some skills too girl! I saw it on your blog :)

    @ Itrymakeup, Thanks you too ! I'm happy you like it! :)

  13. 2 hours? Looks great!:D

    I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****