Friday, September 24, 2010

Collection : MAC Eyeshadow

Long time no see girls!

And I decided to do my MAC eyeshadow collection! Enjoy :D

Here are my two palettes. They are identified with little ''kawaii type'' stickers ( the panda bear chilling with the kitty is my neutral one, and the giraffe is my colorful one :D )

 (Swatches done over Soft Ochre paintpot)
Here is my first baby :D Not full yet, but close. Here's a list of each of them :
-Crystal Avalanche, Permanent, Veluxe Pearl
-Blanc Type, Permanent, Matte²
-Dreammaker, Love That Look (2009), StarFlash
-Gleam, Permanent, Lustre
-Grand Entrance, Love That Look (2009), StarFlash
-All That Glitters, Permanent, Veluxe Pearl
-Evening Aura, Neo Sci-Fi (2008), Veluxe Pearl
-Kid, Permanent, Veluxe
-Time & Space, Neo Sci-Fi (2008), Frost
-Amber Lights, Permanent, Frost
-Smoke & Diamonds, Love That Look (2009), StarFlash
-Satin Taupe, Permanent, Frost
-Swiss Chocolate, Permanent, Matte
-Night Manoeuvres, Style Warrior (2009), Satin

 (Swatches done over Soft Ochre paintpot)
Here's my second baby, a little more empty than the other one, but still quite full ( can you feel the ''proudness'' ? ) :
-FireCracker, To The Beach (2010), Veluxe Pearl
-Louder, Please, Dare to Wear (2010), Matte
-Sketch, Permanent, Velvet
-Going Bananas, Dare to Wear (2010), Frost
-Orange, Pro Color, Matte
-Sweet & Punchy, To The Beach (2010), Veluxe Pearl
-Bio Green, Pro Color, Frost
-Zingy, Dare to Wear (2010), Matte
-FreshWater, Permanent, Veluxe Pearl
-Climate Blue, Dame Edna (2008), Velvet
-Royal Tour, Dame Edna (2008), Satin

 (Swatches done over Soft Ochre paintpot)
Here is the last palette I own. It's the Royal Asset : 6 Smokey Eyes from the Antiquitease Collection (2007):
-Maid of Honnor, Satin
-Rondelle, Frost
-Palatial, Satin
-Courtly Grey, Matte
-Majestic, Lustre
-Knight, Veluxe Pearl

I hope you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for reading, 


  1. I love your palettes. The colour one is prettty but id probs never use those colours if i had them lol. I'm hoping to build up a nice collection on neutrals, got 3 so far haha. the royal asset palette looks great! x

  2. Love all of the colours. Ive decided to take out the middle of all my palettes so I can fit more than 15 shadows. Im tired of paying for new ones all the time. I did it with my blush already and it works.
    Btw, I wrote you an e-mail, not sure if you got it.

  3. nice collection.. I need to build up my MAC e/s collection too... I have 2 pro palettes but only have like 6 MAC e/s... & the rest, Milani, ELF & etc... LOL.. thanx for sharing! =)

  4. oooo your so lucky ilove your collection!
    and to your comment.. thank god i didn't get his name because i wanted to before hahahaha.. i was crazy and blindly in love lol. oh well we learn from our mistakes :)

  5. I am going to the states tomorrow if I see and EOS lip balm I will grab you one and send it to you. :) No buying makeup for myself but I can buy things for others (at least in my mind I can). Also, definitely check out wet n' wild. Its sold at WalMart.

  6. Onh Alicia! That is so sweet from you! You really don't have to do this for me, that's really kind of you :)

  7. No I definitely want to if I can find one. We're not going where we usually go so I hope they have a Walgreen around there.
    BTW just looked at this post again and can't believe I have 4 palettes of MAC shadows and hardly any of the same YOU have made ME want to go on a shopping