Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quickie : Fuchsia Pigment

Hello !

I want to start a '' serie '' call Quickie! :) It will be mainly about little things or tips I like to do with my make up :)

This is the first one, and it's about MAC Fuchsia Pigment and my new use for it. I got a sample of it at my MAC store a few months ago, but, because my little pigment box is really full, I wanted to find new uses for it (and all her little sisters), as they mainly sit there and don't move.

Here's my lips with MARK. Lipclick in Coral Fixation :
It's pretty, don't get me wrong :) But I wanted to pimp it a little without having to top is with a gloss like my Preppy Lip Gelée since it was windy outside, and the hair-stuck-to-lipgloss look is a no no.
Here are my lips ( yes , again ! ) with coral fixation topped with the pigment! isn't pretty? :) Still soft and smooth, but bright and vivid, me like it :)

Here's a picture of the pigment itself, followed by swatchies :

That's all for now girls :)

Thanks for reading!

p.s.: Do you know that there's only 52 days left before IMATS Toronto? CRAZYYY :)


  1. omg that's awesome !!! that color looks amazing !! thank you for your sweet comments on my page your far to sweet

  2. wow!! that lippie is the perfect coral color!! love it! but I like how you changed it up with the pigment.... pretty cool!

  3. What a good idea! The color is very nice. =)

  4. i love that first color !! looks great on you !

  5. Love what you did. I love using pigments in different ways. I saw a video on all of the different uses recently. Did you know you can make them into nail polishes, mascara and hair colour? Crazy eh?