Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quickie : Fuchsia Pigment

Hello !

I want to start a '' serie '' call Quickie! :) It will be mainly about little things or tips I like to do with my make up :)

This is the first one, and it's about MAC Fuchsia Pigment and my new use for it. I got a sample of it at my MAC store a few months ago, but, because my little pigment box is really full, I wanted to find new uses for it (and all her little sisters), as they mainly sit there and don't move.

Here's my lips with MARK. Lipclick in Coral Fixation :
It's pretty, don't get me wrong :) But I wanted to pimp it a little without having to top is with a gloss like my Preppy Lip Gelée since it was windy outside, and the hair-stuck-to-lipgloss look is a no no.
Here are my lips ( yes , again ! ) with coral fixation topped with the pigment! isn't pretty? :) Still soft and smooth, but bright and vivid, me like it :)

Here's a picture of the pigment itself, followed by swatchies :

That's all for now girls :)

Thanks for reading!

p.s.: Do you know that there's only 52 days left before IMATS Toronto? CRAZYYY :)


  1. omg that's awesome !!! that color looks amazing !! thank you for your sweet comments on my page your far to sweet

  2. The color is rich and pretty. I really like it!

  3. wow!! that lippie is the perfect coral color!! love it! but I like how you changed it up with the pigment.... pretty cool!

  4. What a good idea! The color is very nice. =)

  5. i love that first color !! looks great on you !

  6. Love what you did. I love using pigments in different ways. I saw a video on all of the different uses recently. Did you know you can make them into nail polishes, mascara and hair colour? Crazy eh?