Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I got for Christmas!


So this is going to me my what I got for christmas post, and trust me, the picture above represent ALL I got ( exept for money and Gift Card to the movies and the mall which I almost already spent entirely (things I bought with that money that I have at the moment are in this post ) ). I did not only showcase the "makeup" stuff. I got ONLY makeup, and pajamas + socks, but that doesn't count, everyone get those, right? :)

If some of you want to know, I had a great christmas overall with the person I love. I saw friends and close-close-close family, which is all that kind of matter to me. My mom being raised with 9 brothers and sisters who have kids that have kids that will maybe soon have kids... I seriously will  NEVER want to see them ALL at the same time! The less headaches I have, the better I feel !

So, onto the present! Be assured that I thanked everyone that gave me everything, even a christmas hug !:) I'm gratefull for everything that I got and even if it's hard, I try not to take a thing for granted.

First of, I got my very first makeup mirror, because believe it or not, I used to do ALL my make up, even the crazy things, with a pocket mirror... I know, it sounds super ridiculous, but now I feel a lot better to have my two hands free while applying things all over my face!

Then I got a box which was painted by one of my mom's friend only for me :) That means that it's the ONLY one like that in the world and that I'm the lucky girl who as it ! My mom got it mainly so that I can carry my brushes and a little make up in a sturdy box so that my brushes don't break apart and that the make up stay safe. I like it really much and for now, it's a decoration on my desk :)

Then I got some MAC stuff from my boyfriend, my mom and I also bought some with a gift card.
-I got MAC Fix + mainly because I always wanted it. I used it a couple time for foiling shadows and pigments and I like it very much! I no longer believe the " You can use water, it'll do the same job "! Fix + works way better in my book.

-Then I got 3 lipsticks, one from Back to Mac-ing and two from my mom!
The first one, Please Me, is a matte lipstick. It's seriously not as drying as I thought it would be, but do not have chap lips under that! It'll look so gross and patchy ( talk about experience here!! ).
Then the two next one which are the one that my mom got me ( you knew that already huh? You can't back to MAC for Viva Glam! ) are the Viva Glam Cyndi and Viva Glam Gaga. Those are a lot more forgiving on winter lips ( again, experience is in the house! )

-The next thing is Painterly paintpot, which I got to replace my Soft Ochre one which is dead-done. I think I like it better since it has a pink undertone which suits my skin a lot better!

-Beside that is something my boyfriend got me, the Black Track Fluidline. Remember that Buxom Leatherette lash liner!? Well I used it 'till nothing was left. I needed a new Gel Liner since it's basically all I used to do my winged liner and I kind of said it to my boyfriend.. So now I have a new one! I started using it on the 1st.. Let's see how much time it takes to go through!

-Then there's Gesso Eyeshadow, matte basic white, that I got from my boyfriend also. You can also see in those pictures how I depot my eyeshadow by the way! :) I'm a nerd who like to depot MAC things.. And I'm so serious.. :)

-The last MAC item is Dame Powder Blush which is a satin finish ( my large pore like matte or satin, no shimmers and/or glitters! ). I haven't played with it quite yet, but it's an occasion to see how I depot blushes.. I put a round piece of magnet underneath the stickers :)

Then, I got some MARK/Avon things.
-I got those 2 MARK make up bags which are SO pretty to me, I LOVE them! ( and I've been bugging my mom for them since ... June? July? ahah! )
-Then there was those to Avon product in my stockings. One of them is a Nourishing Banana & Coconut Milk  shower gel and the other is an Antibacterial hand gel in Nourishing Vanilla. I haven't tried these yet.

The next thing up is 16 Glamour Doll Eye Full Sized loose shadows. You might be like " Phhft!? 16 !? I learned to count at 5 and I aint no see 16! " well, you're kind of half right. There was a slight mistake in my order that made me the owner of two Trophy Wife and left out without Lovers Lane ( which is red ). It was quickly fixed by the lovely Vee and I'll get it soon :) ( as well as other things, but that another story ). Right now I can say much, I haven't played enough with them, but I love them so far!!

I know, it wasn't the place for swatches, but I couldn't resist! Those are one swipe swatche.. I KNOW, RIGHT!? Crazy! Crazy in love!! My boyfriend got me an Inglot Palette for christmas ( I was with him, I choose the colors ) I cannot leave this thing... I'm SO in love, it's insanely bad xD I really want ( and will, I'm sure of that ) will get more and more Inglot shadows. It'll be an easy task for me, I live near 3 different stores! Expect tutorials, Eyes of the day and loads of things comming out featuring this bad boy <3

Not much to say here, but worth the mention. In my stocking there was 3 eye brows razor thingy and 2 nail files! Those things can always come in handy!

Next up is the is the one before last christmas actual gift, which occurs to be the L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara that one of my aunt gave to me. I asked for it since I really wanted to try it! Not being a fan of the regular clumpy Voluminous mascara, I really enjoy this one! I'm such a rubber bristle lover :D

Then I got myself the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye make-up remover, which I'm not sure about yet.. It's says oil free but it's so oily at the same time... I dont know.. We'll see!

Then there's the LA Slash Splash Proof Sealer Eyeshadow Sealer/base that I got myself on recommendation from Petrilude. He swears that it's THE things to keep glitters on your eyeball and since it was only 7$, I picked it up!

The two Wet n Wild palette were bought a week before christmas, but I wanted to put them in a "haul", so here they are. The left one is Night Elf, who came with a kind of good eyeliner, and on the right is Snow Sprite, who came with a crappy silver eyeliner. As for the palette themselves, they really good! I enjoy the Color Icon range a lot!

* Are you done yet!? No.. But soon! :)*
Then I got myself some lush with christmas money! If you're not aware of it, Lush have CRAZY deals starting on dec. 26. Every thing christmas is BOGO free and so are every soaps! I got a little more than that, but they're for a lovely friend of mine, so they're not featured here.
-First, I got a 40$ worth of Angel's Delight ( or as you can read it, in french we say "Délice des Anges" and that sounds kind of soft and sensuals xD Oh well ) I ask if the manager ( like, the manager there actually WORKS in the store, and she's so feakin sweet! ) to divide the price in half since I wanted a big chunk of it, and she kindly did it for me!

-I also got a Candy Cane bubble bar, simply to use it since it smells so dang good,

-And I also got a " Matriochka ". It's like the russian dolls, you know, there's a doll in a doll who ate a doll etc etc etc!? Well same concept here! There's two piece of Soap outside that smell like the So White Bath Bomb ( or like apple if you're not that cool to know ( just kidding :D )) and inside there's an actual So White bath bomb ( remember? it's the apple scented one! ) and a cinders bath bomb ( which smells like cider actually ).

*Keep on reading! There's 2 pictures left!! *

Then from Loblaws which is a grocery here in Canada, I got some Joe Fresh Cosmetics ( yes, I went in the grocery ONLY for makeup, it doesn't mean that I have a problem or anything... right? )

- I got a set of Joe Nail Polishes that I haven't used yet but I'm sure they're fantastic.. I fell in love with them when Alicia Aka FunnyFace beauty sent me one... They stay on my nails 10 times better than my OPI ones!

-Next thing is a Joe Fresh Lip Gloss in Poppy. Out of the tube it doesnt smell good at all, but after only a few few few seconds, the smell goes away and you're left with a really pigmented lip gloss, as of now, I like it.

-Then I got a Clear mascara and brow gel ( don't you love those easy names!? ) for my brows.. Mine are thick enough to only be tamed, no filling needed!

-Lastly is their Fine tip liquid eyeliner in Black. I had it before and remember liking it, so I thought why not!?

Last picture, but surely not the least...
My dad went to see some family with my grandmother in California, home of Dinair Airbrush. My parents and I talked about airbrush for a little while, like way before my dad knew he was going in Cali, and I told them that I was interested and all but never really though that I would get it! Just before he left we were talking about it and browsing their website and he saw that where he was going was super close from the Dinair Head Quarters and talk about it with my mom. Since this kit fell into the Christmas Budget this year ( no money questions please, those things doesn't regard you guys! ) They agreed on getting me a starter kit. This is by far most present I ever got for Christmas and I'm really happy! I'm still trying to get the hands and skills on this.. It's kind of hard!!

I really hope that you guys enjoy this post, it took me a little to gather up everything, but now I'm happy that it's all done :)

Please feel free to leave comments, requesting reviews or just being nice :)

Much love, and thanks for reading!


  1. Great items u bought! Love the glamour doll shadows...colors are sooo pretty

  2. Wow! You've got yourself quite a collection of pretty things! Can't wait to see how you will use them.

  3. Wow! You got lots of goodies! So much makeup and a dinair! :D Im jealous! lol

  4. Hooray for lots of beauty-related gifts!

    Can't wait to see the looks you do with them all :)

  5. Your things are just so great!

  6. OMG I got the Dinair airbrush kit too!! I was sooooo stoked!! What color is your compressor? I got pink! :)
    And those eyeshadows look amazing.
    I have Fix+ and I love it! You'll love it too :) it's so multi useful :)

  7. Oh wait, never mind, I see you got the white! Gosh I am so tired today! Sorry! Lol

  8. Wow, you got spoiled! Amazing haul! I also bought me some Angel's Delight at the LUSH sale, it smells amazing!

    I speak French, too! That's funny! (=

  9. Wow so many amazing products. I want to see swatches of those Glamour Doll pigments.
    I can't believe just how pigmented Ingot shadows are...amazing!
    I need to get a mirror like that. I only use a little compact mirror.

  10. That's gorgeous
    i love inglot ,
    enjoy your time with this great products

  11. @Charming Vanity Thanks! If you keep looking at my blog, I have a post comming on them :)

  12. @The Girlie Blog Ahah, I feel like you know me a little there ! I'll of course post pictures of creative-madness here :)

  13. @Cerina Ahah, it's okay, those kinds of question / the thing is already answered happen to me ALL the time!! I'm really happy with the dinair, and Fix+ too! Well, I'm happy with Everything :) Thanks for the comment!

  14. @G A B Y I looked at your profile, we both come from Montreal, ahah :) Merci de commenter mon blog <3

  15. @FunnyFaceBeauty That glamour doll post will happen surely! And the day you it montreal, we'll go to inglot OF COURSE ! :) And up to now I was using a pocket mirror too , ahah!

  16. what a great Christmas you had!
    I am dying to try out this eyebrow razor... do you know anywhere that sells online?

    Confessions of a Beautyholic