Saturday, January 1, 2011



How better can 2011 be than 12 makeup winners!? I seriously don't know!! And don't mind my day late please, I got to see some family and spend some time with the boyfriend a lot lately, so I'm sorry!

Let's not make the suspence last, shall we? Because we have 12 different winners to announce here! Ain't that sweet ! I hope you're all exited! :D

( Please don't be sad if you didn't win, I plan to get organized this year, and have plenty more giveaways, and better one also.. So no cry please! )

Let's get to the good news...

The winners are :

DAY 1 : Sally Hansen Goodies                                        Golden Glow
DAY 2 : ELF Goodies                                                     Snow0016
DAY 3 : MARK. Goodies!                                               Skelly Bones
DAY 4 : Cover Girl and ELF Stuff!                                   Bec
DAY 5 : Annabelle Goodies!                                           Kory_Nails
DAY 6 : ELF Again!                                                       Priscilla aka MUJunkie88
DAY 7 : Wet n Wild Goodies!                                         Janinay
DAY 8 : Hard Candy and ELF!                                        The Girlie Blog
DAY 9 : Wet n Wild and ELF Stuff!                                 Gem
DAY 10 : MAC, Juicy and MARK Stuff!                            BoonDY
DAY 11 : Lush Goodies!                                               FunnyFace Beauty
DAY 12 : Inglot Goodies!                                              Krista

Yay! Congrats!! Please, be assured that EACH and EVERY winners were picked by I didn't picked ANY of them myself.

I'll personnaly contact each winners myself from this email : asking for your mailing adress. Please check your spam folders too. You have to reply within 48 hours ( which leads to Jan. 3rd at 23:59. If you see your name here but you didn't received an e-mail, contact me!!

I hope you all had fun, and stay tune for more post on my blog :)

Again, happy new year!



  1. Congrats to the winners! Maybe next time :)

  2. yay yay yay! i won! thanks a lot marie!
    will be mailing you right after this comment!

  3. YAY YAY SO HAPPY:d thanks a lot for hosting this beautiful gieaways:d I can;t hardly wait to get my hands on my prize:D congrats to the winners!!

  4. CoNgrats to thw winners! Enjoy :) x

  5. WOW thankyou!! I couldn't find an email from you so have emailed you instead :) Hope you get it! xxx

  6. Thanks so much for this! I haven't received your email so I've sent you one instead. Happy new year! :D

  7. I already emailed my shipping details but perhaps it went to your spam mail. Emailed you again. Thanks sweetie! :)