Sunday, January 16, 2011

15 random facts ? Oh yea.

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Hi Gorgeous readers!

Just to let you know. I've been trying to record and publish a video on Youtube recently since I got a pretty good camera ( got meaning borrowed from my brother here! ), but I keep failing. I'll try again to make it work, but it's hard! Editing and stuff.. By brain hurts just from writing those words.


FunnyFace Beauty, aka Alicia, posted a 15 random facts about herself recently and since it was quite an interesting post, I'll try to find 15 things that may interest you, or may not, I've only been on earth for 17 ( and a half ) years, keep that it mind!

Here we go ...

1. When I was younger, maybe 7 or 8 years ago, I started a really huge obsession about Sponge Bob. I had stuff with him all over. Pajamas, school bags, posters, stuffed animals, etc etc. I was known to be "the Sponge Bob Freak " and even started my own fan club. That obsession lasted 5 or 6 years.

2. I have a hard time doing super elementery things, such as knowing instantly my left and my right and read time on non-digital clocks. That doesn't make me a dumb person, right?

3. I used to be very crafty. When I was younger, I was drawing all the time, painting, glueing things on other things, etc etc. I also had a love affair when I discovered scotch tape. That thing has been taken away from me by teachers a lot at school! I also used to be good at origami.

4. Some of you might be tired of hearing this, but my main language is French ( from Quebec, and no, it's not like French from France.. There's a lot of similarities, of course, but it's really different still ). That being said, the educational system in Canada make you learn the 2 national languages ( french & english ). I started learning english when I was 7 or 8 years old, learning a little bit of grammar and verbs.. Saying the usual Lea goes to school and all, but still, most of the people who speak french here have a really hard time with english ( surely vice versa ). The way that I got to learn english is by myself, with the help of the Youtube beauty community. I still to mistakes ( a lot xD ) but I can communicate, and I'm proud of it :)

5. I was raised with my mom, my dad and my also my two brothers. We used to not being really close ( that might be explained by the fact that we are 10 and 11 years apart ) but as of today, we are actually close, and I cherish that relationship.

6. Through my life, I had a cat ( that we gave to my aunt because my mom turned out to be allergic ), a fish ( a beta, and he lived for 4 years ), a dog ( which is now 5 years old :D ) and a hamster ( wish is a year old now ).

7. I hate hate hate when others take pictures of me. I'm far from the perfect body and I have troubles accepting myself. I developped a way to take pictures of myself which doesn't make me look as hubby as I truely am and those are the only pictures that I accept of myself. (that's a sad fact.. )

8. On a funnier note, I can put both of my ankle behind my neck. And I can also "fold" myself in half. And I will NOT include pictures xD

9. I am a little weird about things sometime, like hitting the stop button of the microwave when there's one second left or having the toilet paper going the right way... Anyone else do little weird things like that?

10. Before I discovered the make up universe, I was a super tomboy. That was 3 years ago.. xD

11. I hate to shop for clothes. I usually live in jeans or sweatpants and t-shirts. Actually, when I found a type of t-shirt that I like, I buy it in every color. I don't have "cute stuff" and I am super okay with that!

12. People hate to sleep ( like sleep overs.. no twisted minds here!! ) with me because I move a lot and also "fold" myself ( that how I loooove to sleep  :D ). I also use to be a really bad sleepwalker, putting myself in the bathtub, closet or just fall back asleep in the hallway. My parents were so used to it that they were just helping myself walking to the bottom part of my bed ( not the sides.. the part where your feet should be ) and just push me right back in.

13. At my prom, there was a thing that EACH person got an award for something.. And I got the gossip girl one.. You can get your own conclusion for that...

14. I never got any broken bones but being really clumsy I did a lot of damage to myself xD When I was maybe 8, I ask a friend if I could try his BMX... And I was going pretty fast and had the great idea to press the break. His being reverse, I break with the front wheel, passed over the bike, flew for a couples meters and scratch one side of my face and one leg pretty bad.. I also drop down my high school stairs one day and open my knee ( three years ago ) and still have the mark ( I guess that it's now a scar ). It's seriously huge like.. a MAC blush ... But anyway.. out of every injures I got, the most painfull thing that happened to be was 11 months ago, when I got my tonsils removed. When I was 5 minutes away from the actual intervention, my mom told be that to her, it was worst than giving birth if that can give you an idea of how it feels.. Serious most pain I ever felt.. and it lasted two full weeks.

15. It took me 2 days to came up with 15 slightly interesting things about myself. Ohhh well!

I hope you had a little fun learning things about me  :D I'll have other post comming, don't worry! I just really tr to understand how to make the camera thiny work.. It's hard!!

Thanks for reading ! :)



  1. whoa we are kinda similar!
    I had trouble with right and left concepts too!
    Maybe it's because I'm left handed? hmmm. I also didn't know how to tie my shoes til I was like 6 or 7. I had to learn the untraditional way to tie 'em. ha!
    I hate when people take pictures of me too...I just am not photogenic at all! I'm always the one in the picture that looks like a hot mess while everyone else looks all beautiful haha!
    Oh well. ;)

  2. OMG we are so a like in so many ways:
    #2 I can't tell time on non digital clocks and I always have to think about it before I know which hand is my left and which is my right.
    #9 I have to set my alarm like at 2 after so like 9:02 am or 10:32 am
    #11...I love sweat pants and pyjamas. I wish I could wear them out every day
    #12...I move around like crazy and kick all of the blankets off my bed.

    Loved getting to know more about you. The Sponge Bob thing is hilarious. Love that you started a fan club. How many people did you have join?

  3. @Cerina I wore velcro shoes for so long ! Oh geez.. a 4 years old with velcro shoes is cute.. an 8 or 9 years old with velcro? Nah, no cuteness anymore!! xD I usually ask to take the pictures too also!!
    Thanks for your comment :)

  4. @FunnyFaceBeauty LOL xD
    I aways look crazy when someone is like " Turn left! " And I choke xD
    You made me thought that I always have to put my tv volume to a number that can be divided by 5 ..
    I think sweat pants and pajama pants should be the next fashion piece.. Even if make up brushes as been wiped on them .. :D

    I got like 20 or 30 person in my club.. Some person didn't make it since I did a quizz with some badass questions ( like what's the name of this most random caracter that was there in ONE episode ) and if you didn't score high enough, well to bad fo' you! xD
    So many memories.. :D

  5. LOL OMG I'm still a tomboy! My makeup is always done but my clothes..LOL jeans and a t-shirt!!