Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm the worst blogger on earth, period.

(Picture from Logoistics086 on deviant art)

I'm writing this post from school, which can kind of give you a glimpse of my life lately. I've been surrounded with awefull school projects, and papers, and homeworks... When ever I get home, I get to my bedroom, change to my pajamas and jump in my bed. I have a lot of ideas for post, that's not the problem, it's truely the time and the motivation that's been lacking -.-''

I'll be fully back soon since this semester ends around december 10th (I know, that's early!). I'll do more blog post, and comment more on your post too (yes, I've been THAT lazy :S).

I also want to ask you guys a little something. I know I said that I was suppose to have a 100th follower give away, but I doubt it will happen.. I've been really broke since IMATS, and since I have no job, it's hard to restock on money. I want to buy some really awesome prizes that I would personnally trilled to get because I want to make you guys happy. So here's the question : Would you guys preffer a sooner give away with small prizes or let me some time to really gatter loads of goodies and make a giant give away with a lot of winners? Please let me know in the comment section, I need advices on this one!

Thanks for reading, and staying with me (I really miss you!)

P.s.: Can you guys also tell me what kind of post you love the most?


  1. LOL. I prefer any prize! So sorry you are burdened with school. Don't worry! It'll be over soon!

  2. Yeah I don't mind what the prizes are either! :P I'm really busy with college work too, have to get 4 essays done over the next 2 weeks! D: xxx

  3. I've been hiding away too, busy with studying for exams!

    any prizes are awesome, its so lovely of you to even have giveaways :)

    I love all your posts, so as soon as you have time keep up with what you've been doing!


  4. Aww Marie don't worry. It's not just you, it seems like other bloggers have been quite busy as well! ;)
    I love your posts, I can't wait till you find more time on your hands to post! :)