Thursday, November 11, 2010

IMATS Extraverganza :D

( Have you ever saw a boyfriend smiling like that when he has to go to a make up show? :D )
Long time no post!
It's been two weeks since I've post ANYTHING here!! I need to get more serious, I truely love you guys! Blogging is really fun! :)

Anyway, let's get on the topic here. Last week end I've been blessed to attempt IMATS, or International Make Up Artist Trade Show. It was an overall awesome experience! For a seventeen years old make up addict like me, it was really close to paradise on earth. I was expecting bigger, but when I got it, at 8:30 on saturday, I remembered that it's only the second year that they have an IMATS in Toronto, so it'll grow bigger with time :)

Let's insert a little story here. I don't live in Toronto, well, I don't even live in the province of Ontario. I live 6 hours of non-stop drive from the city, and my lovely parents, who were really awesomly kind enough to take me there, drove from where we live to there. With just a few mathematic skills, you can understand that we left the house at 23:30 on the friday night to get there on time! And since I was to exited for the show, I slept maybe for 30 minutes to an hour max that night, when I woke at 8:00 on friday morning. Needless to say that I was tired at the end of the day! 

So, IMATS, ( focus Marie, focus! ). When I got inside, it took only a few seconds to pass from '' Oh well, it's kind of small '' to '' Remember, it's only the second year '' endind by '' OH CRAPP LOOK THERE'S MAKE UP FREAKING EVERYWHERE!!! '' ( ask my boyfriend, this last sentence is almost a citation , ahah :D ). Me and my exitation first decided to go by the Make Up Forever booth, but quickly went away, to much people already, and my exitation couldn't wait 40 minutes right after comming in. So I headed to Naked Cosmetics, which was just in front.

Their basic deal ( because their were other one, but not corresponding to my non-make up artist status so I don't remember them ) was buy one stack for 30$, buy to for 50$. As you can see, I got two stacks. The first one, called Shock Effect, is the one I choose. It's pretty much an assortiment of bright bright colors, which I adore! ( the yellow one is a stunner when it's wet, just saying ... ) And the next one, choosen by the marvelous boyfriend is called Urban Rustic, which is a bunch of earthy and more natural colors. He choose this one after saying '' Well, you know, with that tower of brightness I think you should think about getting a more neutral one '' Ahah! He's knowing it now! He kind of has to, I'm almost always talking about make up...  I'm sure he knows more about it than certain girls... He can even say sometimes when a foundation is not matched of blended, when blush is applied too heavily or when liner is too too thick of just wiggly... That's my man! Ahah! Anyways, those pigments can be used as many many things, but this is not a review. If you want a review, request it! :)

So next I I went to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, or OCC, and I regret not getting more of those lip tars. Serious awesomness there..! I joined the lip tar picture here with the one thing I got from Nigel Beauty Emporium, which is just a make up retailer. I simply got a metal palette, because I'm starting to build my kit! 

Not much not add to this one! The lip tar color, which each were 10$, I got is called Pageant, again under the recommendation of the boyfriend. I was looking for a pretty vivid pink, and he got it right! :) I seriously love those, I'm looking foward to get more! For the metal palette, I don't really have something to write.. I guess I can say that it's made in Pakistan, it was something like 5 to 10 $ and that the brand is Monda! Ahah!! 

Next booth we hitted is the NYX booth. Serious delirium there. A whole bunch of girl fighting for eyeliners! Ahah! I got some good deal there.
I started with the falsies. The crazy one on the left were 8$ if I correctly remember. They are not for an everyday use, just to let you know! They are called Unstable ( EL 188 ). This is again, a boyfriend choice :). The one next to those are more natural. They're called Breeze ( EL 108 ). I'm pretty sure those were 3 or 4$, and they also come with a tiny tube of glue ( which is seriously as big as the picture on the packaging! ). Next are the lip stuff, starting with a Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Gold ( 105 ). I'll talk about it more in a future post, but I found a use for it that I quite like! :) Next to it is a Jumbo Lip Pencil in Chaos ( 724 ). Those are under rated. The only person I ever heard talking about them is Emily Noel on youtube, and she's right, these are good stuff! ( Even better when you get them for 3$ ! ) I also got two regular lip pencils, which were 2$ each. Left side is Hot Red ( 817 ) and right side is Pinky ( 835 ). I'm currently in love with lip liners, just saying.. :) Then for eye stuff, I got this awesome liquid liner called Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue ( SLL 101 ). I don't remember the price on it, but it was cheap and worth it. Then I have three Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils, which are, from left to right, Milk ( 604 ), Pacific ( 616 ) and Chery ( spelled with one ''r'' )( 624 ). Last NYX item is their single eye shadow in Black ( ES 01 ) because as weird as it can be, I did not had one plain black shadow before!

The next booth we went to is Eye Kandy. I'm not going to say much because this deserve a post of their own.

Their deal was '' Get a kit with Liquid Sugar, a Brush and 3 glitters for 30$, of get the same kit with 6 glitters for 40$''. As you can see, I went for the six pack! To be quick, the Liquid Sugar thingy is kind of a mixing medium. When you get the glitter plus that liquid on your skin, it not moving, not flaking and sparkling all the way :). I'm pretty sure I'll do a post just on these, but to end about Eye Kandy here, I'm just going to say that this might be my favorite purchase of the day!

The next place we went to is Alcone, which is another make up retailer. 

The picture is pretty self explainatory. I got a Beauty Blender Sponge, just to try, for my curiosity. I think it was 15 or 20$. Next to it is a pretty Zebra Small Z-Palette. I got it for 15$, and I really like it! It's a lot sturdier than I would have ever thought! Then going down there an half ounce tube of Duo Lash Adhesive, which I got for 5$. To me it was an awesome deal since at MAC it's 9,50$ plus taxes! Finally, next to it is a normal stainless steel spatula which I think was 5$ too. You know, building the kit :)

Alcone being close to Crown Brushes, that is were we went next. I'm really frustrated with myself, I should have gotten more brushes! Oh well, I'll be prepared next year!

From left to right, there's tossable mascara wands, you know, for the kit! They were 9,00$ for a hundred of them. I decide to '' splurge '' ! Next is the Italian Badger Deluxe Crease Brush ( IB119 ), which is a crease brush as the name say. It's really soft and seriously cheap, I didn't pay more than 4$ for it! Next to it is the Flat Crease Brush ( C316 ). I got it more because I was curious to be honnest, I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it! Then there's the Mini Chisel Brush ( C123 ). I really needed a tiny baby size brush like that to work on the lower lash line and the inner corner! It's perfection for 2$! And last but not least, an other curiosity buy, is the Lash Fan Brush ( C134 ). Like the Flat Crease, I'm not so sure how or when I'll use it, but I will surely figure it out.

The next thing we did was going to Kandee Johnson's Q's & A's. It was an hour of inspiration, sweetness, happyness and all the happy related words you can think mixed. She talked about how she got in the business, who inspired her ( mainly Kevyn Aucoin ), her favorite products and also how important it is to run after your dreams and to make them happen. I know that it it cheesy like no others, but I felt like she said that to me personnally since I am at a momment in my life where important decisions need to be taken.

( Sorry for the poor quality, I'm planing on asking a super good camera for christmas :D )

Then, right after Kandee's Q's & A's, I met Alicia! I don't have any pictures ( like, what the hell? How come I did not get my camera out? ) If you don't know about her, she's also know as FunnyFace Beauty. She's a sweetie! :) Her sister and herself are two gorgeous women :) I wish we could have hanged out a little more, even tho I felt like a failure each and everytime I opened my mouth because of my heavy Quebecer-french-speacker accent... Oh well! 

The next thing me and my boyfriend saw was the Saturday Student Competition. It was the plain makeup one, no prosthetics or anything, just make up.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland. Here are the pictures that I got with my not-as-good-as-I-thought-of camera:

I was simply amazed. These students are really talented! There was so much creativity involved, I think that myself and the big group of people armed with our camera where speachless about the job done there.

Since I'm going in chronogical order, the last thing I did before I left was going to the Make Up For Ever booth back. There were a lot of people still, but I wanted something so I went for it. Before showing you what I got, I just want to say that I saw some people going seriously wild, buying for several hundreds of dollars of stuff even with the 40% off. They got tons and tons of stuff just there. It was crazy crazy!! Oh and the cashier, on saturday at least, were quebecers and speaking in french too! I thought it was fun :)

As you can see here, I got the Mat Velvet + Foundation, and funny story here : at the booth they couldn't match us, we had to do it by ourselves. I told my boyfriend at I would need his help to find my color and in joke he said '' Ahah! Start with the lightest one, it should perfectly match! '' And guess what... Me and my Oh so pale skin are proud to be shade 15 okai? Don't judge us! Ahah :) I also picked up the 5 camouflage palette cream, in shade number 1 ( Oh what a surprise ) and of course the color I can use is the lightest one! At least I know that I'm far from skin cancer!
That is what IMATS was for me :) I saw Koren from Enkore Makeup, Elessa from PurseBuzz, Kandee Johnson of course and surely many more, but guess who was to shy to ask for a picture of an autograph? My pale skin and me, of course... I'm sure that next year will be even more awesome :)

I also have some other purchase to show, but they'll be in another post
Thanks for reading, commenting and being awesome, 


  1. WOW You got a lot of amazing stuff. I wish I had grabbed a z-palette (i wanted to have one in my large holiday giveaway. I also really wish I had grabbed a metal mixing plate and spatula...oh well next year. I was eyeing up the Naked Cosmetics stacks but didn't get any so I would definitely like to see a review on those.
    I was thinking the same thing as you tonight...why didn't we take a picture?? I feel like everywhere was crazy and we didn't get a good chance to sit down and talk. Btw, you are NOT a fail because of your french accent. You can speak 2 languages. I can only speak one!


  2. thank you so much! you are absolutely adorable!!!!! Keep up your awesome blog and make-up work!!!! xoxo your friend....kandee

  3. You're soooooooo lucky!! How much was your ticket?! :D

  4. @FunnyFace Beauty, I really hoe that we'll see eachother more next year! And at least take a picture! ahah! And thanks for the reality check... I never actually thought that I can speak two languages... ( weird right? )

    @Kandeejohnson, OH MY GOSH? Like...THE Kandee? I'm so thankfull that you actually went on my blog!! Thank you thank you thank you!

    @ AestheticAnonymous, I paid 60$ for a 2 days ticket :)

  5. Kudos to you for dragging your bf to IMATS, I can't image taking mine. How are you liking the mat velvet plus?

  6. @ Justine @ Productrater, Since I'm a noob concerning foundation, I'm not sure about how I feel about the concept in general. I think it's good, but I'll have to work with it more to learn... And since it's dead on -20 degrees where I live, my skin is being dry like no others, so I think I'll have to wait for spring to get best result :(